Celebrity Style: New Ways To Wear Bright Colors Like Jessica Alba, Keira Knightley, Kelly Osbourne and Kerry Washington

Celebrity Style, Jessica Alba, Keira Knightley, Kelly Osbourne, Kerry Washington Bright Color Fashion
Thank goodness summer is here! Where fashion is concerned, this season rules! What does summer mean for you? For me, summer means the elegance and easiness of resort wear, beautiful beach weather and of course, the ultimate in wearing bright colors!
Color is the new black.
Since it’s a nice time for pastels and neon, I wanted to showcase the celebrities that are wearing their colors well and in new and unique ways.  These celebs make a statement with anything they wear, but when you add a dollop of bright color, everything moves to another level. Check out the best new ways celebrities are wearing bright colors this summer:
Stripes And Bright Heels 

It’s always a great idea to make a basic outfit pop with a pair of bright heels. What I like about Jessica Alba‘s ensemble here is that she takes something basic, but trendy and adds a kick by mixing blue stripes with peach heels. Additionally, none of the colors are of the norm. Who knew peach was great for summer? Still, the whole outfit is downplayed with a midi-length skirt and white blazer that overlaps her tee. This outfit is the perfect bright-colored transition from day to night.
Floral Over A Maxi
Leave it to Keira Knightley to showcase a new trend livened up with a pop of florals and color. What you probably didn’t know is that the white layer underneath is actually linen trousers and not a maxi skirt. In showcasing this ensemble, Keira unknowingly establishes a bold new trend for summer. We have a feeling girls everywhere will be recreating looks of their own with a maxi skirt and a tube dress on top. If you’re bold enough, you can swap the maxi for floaty trousers!

Print Skirt With A Dark Top
Kelly Osbourne used to be a big fan of black, but we love how her fashion sense has evolved to include lots of color (and we’re not just talking about her hair!) When in doubt, why not use both. The juxtaposition of this lively bright skirt against the black top is perfect for dinner parties and in her case, a SiriusXM event.

Tube Dress
When in doubt, go with a bright tube dress for summer. Make sure the skirt blows out a little and that the dress is filled with color. In the case of Kerry Washington, showing off a post-pregnancy body that looks amazing means wearing a brightly-colored floral tube dress from Dolce & Gabbana.
– Simona Kogan
Pictured Above (left to right): Jessica Alba, Keira Knightley, Kelly Osbourne and Kerry Washington
Photos: People.com
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