Beware the Bunny Line: The Botox Dead Giveaway

Nicole Kidman BotoxThere is a new way to tell if your friend, the one who claims never to do any sort of cosmetic enhancing but you're highly suspicious of her never-moving forehead, is actually using Botox. Or to tell if the celebrity you've idolized for forever, who recently stopped being able to project emotion because her face is frozen, is using Botox.

Ironically, it's through looking for another sort of wrinkle.

Women (and men) who use Botox to clear away crow's-feet might end up having what has been dubbed "bunny lines," after the way bunnies crinkle their noses. It sounds adorable, but who are we kidding. Bunny lines are a symptom of Botox-related paralysis and form between the eye and the nose when one smiles – and while that's not necessarily bad, it becomes odd when there are no other wrinkles to match them.


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Park Avenue plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Schwarcz notes: "The most common cause of bunny lines is the repeated use of Botox to the glabella — the area between the eyebrows — and the forehead region. The muscles on either side of the nose become hyperactive with smiling to overcompensate for the lack of movement in the forehead and around the eyes." 

Of course, there's a "cure" for bunny lines, too. 

Dr. Laurence Reed of the Reed Center for Plastic Surgery, who argues that bunny lines can actually occur naturally, says, "When people find these lines objectionable, Botox is the best way to eradicate them." 

As they say, your poison becomes your best medicine and Botox is a slippery slope.

-Nina Krek

Story and Photo Source: NY Post

1 thought on “Beware the Bunny Line: The Botox Dead Giveaway”

  1. I’m 25 years old and have had “bunny lines” my whole life..simply because I have a wider nose so the skin scrunches up. I’ve been told by a dr. to eliminate them, I’d have to get guessed it, botox. So that may be true for some, but I wouldnt call it a ‘dead giveaway’ since not everyone with bunny lines has necessarily had anything done.


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