Chicago Events. Yigal Azrouel's Spring 2010 Fashion Show at Saks.

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Last night us lucky SCS staffers were treated to an experience that could only be described as both fancy and fun. Israeli-born, New York-based designer Yigal Azrouel, whose edgy confections we saw on the runways of Fashion Week, was presented by Michigan Avenue magazine to showcase his spring 2010 collection in a special fashion presentation at Saks Fifth Avenue. The third floor of the sleek Michigan Avenue retail space was set up for guests to mingle among the designer racks and sip Santa Margherite wines before settling down for the show. The runway was set up in the true sophistication of a luxury show, yet so intimate you could see every detail of the exquisite pieces as they floated by. The spring collection included both women's and men's designs, each emanating Azrouel's artful balance of retro and modern.

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After the beautifully engaging show, Saks and Michigan Avenue magazine arranged an after party on the second floor where guests sampled delicacies by Jewell Events Catering and had the opportunity to meet Yigal Azrouel himself. With our trusty photographer Steve Starr in tow, managing editor Carol Calacci and I found ourselves posing for a photo with Yigal—and quite happy about it! He was both courteous and gracious, thanking us for attending the show, and we couldn't help but gaze at him in the same dreamy way we had regarded his collection just moments before.


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Yigal _Azrouel_10-13-09_Photos by Steve Starr 103
Carol Calacci, Yigal Azrouel and Alia Rajput

Yigal _Azrouel_10-13-09_Photos by Steve Starr 142

Patrick Potulski and Klaudia Stolarczuk

Yigal _Azrouel_10-13-09_Photos by Steve Starr 134

Laurie Davis

Yigal _Azrouel_10-13-09_Photos by Steve Starr 125

Heather Bushong and Greg Walsh 

Yigal _Azrouel_10-13-09_Photos by Steve Starr 085

Joey Majumdar and Anda Smith

Yigal _Azrouel_10-13-09_Photos by Steve Starr 120

Ryan M. Beshel

Yigal _Azrouel_10-13-09_Photos by Steve Starr 107

Marci Holzer and Ibby Pinsky

 Yigal_Azrouel_Event_Joey_Majumdar_ Carolyn_Edward, Dan_Usland
Joey Majumdar, Carolyn Edward and Dan Usland

Yigal _Azrouel_10-13-09_Photos by Steve Starr 143Anda Smith, Kimberly Gleeson, Nancy Walker and Toni Canada

Yigal _Azrouel_10-13-09 CR Photos by Steve Starr 110
Jessica Girdwain, Susanna Negovan, Editor-In-Chief of Michigan Avenue Magazine, Nina Ivan and Amy Christenson

Yigal _Azrouel_10-13-09_Photos by Steve Starr 088Elite Models Nick Saule, Patrick Henderson and Erik Sims

Yigal _Azrouel_10-13-09_Photos by Steve Starr 113Marianne Childers

Yigal _Azrouel_10-13-09_Photos by Steve Starr 091Lynn McMahan, Krtista McGrath and Jan Flanagan

Yigal _Azrouel_10-13-09_Photos by Steve Starr 156 Chris Brown, Jennifer Micton, Jill Engelman, Elizabeth Hipp, Karna Johnson and Greg Bockart

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Photos: Steve Starr

—Alia Rajput

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