Beauty Tips From The Makeup Show Pros: Brows and Contouring

james-vincent-Danessa Myricks Second City Style had the chance to have some of our burning beauty questions answered first-hand before The Makeup Show from James Vincent, Celebrity Makeup and Director of Artistry and Education for The Makeup Show and Danessa Myricks for The Makeup Show. This invaluable information is just a taste of what you can learn at The Makeup Show coming to Chicago this weekend on November 7th and 8th! SCS: How would you describe the modern brow and what are your application tips? How can we achieve the look without looking too harsh? James Vincent:  Eyebrows change seasonally but are also situational. They frame the eye and frame the face and provide expression so the shape and size should be determined by the makeup wearer’s face. The eyebrow for the next few seasons should go to the light or medium tone of the hair. It is a fuller, denser brow and shows individual hair and allows skin to show through. It also has beautiful dimension and contour. Try combining different brow products to achieve the perfect eyebrow that is both timely and timeless. If you need volume because your eyebrow is flat. Try a brow Pencil. Kevyn Aucoin The Eyebrow Pencil is perfect for drawing in hairs and adding shape. If you need depth to your brow try a powder. Any matte shadow works well. Choose a shadow that goes to the medium tone of your hair. My favorite are Viseart shadows. They are perfectly pigmented and matte. To bold a brow in place or lighten the color I love a great eyebrow gel. Senna Cosmetics is my favorite.Eugenia Weston who created Senna is the original eyebrow guru and her Senna line is lovely for the makeup savvy or beginners. If you need to draw in individual hairs try the Anastasia Brow Pen. It fills in bald spots or mishaps and doesn’t look like makeup. Of you are uncertain as to what shape to take let Senna Cosmetics show you. Eugenia created the brow stencil in the seventies and her brow book is the full of thing you need for every perfect eyebrow. Danessa Myricks: Brows are the new black when it comes to beauty. It’s the hottest topic today when discussing how to stylize today’s beauty looks. There are so many interpretations of how a modern brow is defined. As women become more savvy about the power of their brow and the variety of products available now to stylize their brow, the look of the modern brow is trending much softer and more natural on the face. Gone are the days of overly arched brows and the painted brow look. The modern brow is much more sophisticated. Volume is the name of the game and the full “Cara Brow” is high on the brow wish list. The modern brow is well groomed, structured and polished but not painted. There are a few key ways in which we can avoid our brows looking look harsh: 1) Choose color strategically The color chosen to shape and groom the brow can greatly affect the impact the brows have on the face. Thinking beyond the natural  brow color and strategizing the brow tone used based on the effect you want the brow to have on the face is an artist trick that can easily be applied to the everyday woman’s beauty routine. Here are a few tips: • For dark hair, avoid using black on the brow. Shoot for softer deep brown or warm brown tones. Softer toned brows will soften the look of the entire face. • For very fair brows, choose a shade that’s slightly deeper than your hair color. • For highlighted hair choose a tone that matches the deepest tone in the hair. 2) Create Dimension Whether you use powder, pencil, gel or pomades to fill in you brow, most brow color is one dimensional and flat. By combining multiple textures together, dimension is created immediately softening the overall look of the brow. Try shaping the brow first with your favorite brow product and follow it up with a tinted brow gel or brow fiber gel to add brow softening dimension. 3) Add volume Narrow, thin brows can age the face and look harsh. Lay off the tweezers and add volume to brows using a brow fiber gel to immediately soften up your look. SCS: What is the best way to use contour? James Vincent:  Contour is all about adding in shadow to add depth and dimension. The goal of contour should be that it looks so realistic that no one notices. Lately, I think contour has been bastardized beyond belief. The easiest way to get a great contour is to use a taupe shadow or Blush. Think of the color like the shade of a tree. Choose a cool matte shade and apply it below the cheekbone where the natural shadow would fall. I prefer a large fan Brush as it applies product more.moderately. I also prefer to hit up into the cheekbone instead of pulling down along the face. This gives a more modern and polished contour–a pro trick. Balance off your contour with bronzer and Blush for a look that lifts the face and feels natural. Danessa Myricks: Contouring is used to create shape on the face, It’s most beautiful when it looks natural. For the average woman, shape can be created very beautifully and naturally in these few simple ways: • using a touch of blush at the apples of the cheek • using highlighters or illuminators to accent the tops of the cheekbones and the bridge of the nose • using  a matte bronzer at the  hollows of the check and temples • highlight the lip shape by placing highlighter on the cupids bow These simple tricks gently lift and shape in a very natural way. For tickets and more information visit The Makeup Follow James Vincent @jvincentmakeup and Danessa Myricks @danessa_myricks – Carol Calacci Photos: The Makeup Show

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