Hair Color & Style Tips from Sassoon Salon Stylists

Sassoon-Salon-Chicago One of the best ways to stay stylish and look younger is with your hairstyle! As we age our hair becomes a main topic of discussion. We worry about it and wonder, “What should I do with my hair?” So I asked Salon & Color Director Nicole Tabloff and Senior Stylist Jeremy Jernigan at Sassoon Chicago for advice on how to color and cut aging (or graying) hair. Some of their advice surprised me and best part –  they want you to stay true to your own personal style. FO30: Do you have any general recommendations for women over 40 when it comes to hair color? Nicole: Sassoon takes a bespoke approach to color and styling. We look at whatever works best for the individual. As your hair changes to gray so does the texture; it may become coarser or not as manageable, so you actually need to relearn your hair. No one is born with hair color that doesn’t match their skin tone so I find an undertone that I see in the individual and bring that out when I color their hair. As you age your hair looses pigment but we can put back a healthy glow of youth with color. I mostly use highlights as hair turns gray, but in some cases a single process color works. As women age they need to figure out their signature style and it’s best to not look like you are trying too hard! Women need to do whatever they are comfortable with. FO30: Should women over 40 stay away from hair color trends, i.e.: ombre, dark roots, colored highlights, etc.? Nicole: If the trend works for you and you can pull it off, go for it! It is best to not try to mimic your original hair color after it tuns gray because other things have changed too, like your skin and your hair’s texture. FO30: Do you color gray hair a different way or color it so it includes the gray? Nicole: I have used subtle low lights and highlights with gray hair and it is easy to maintain every 3 months or so. Sort of like what I do for you! FO30: Yes, mine lasts a long time because I can’t tell what is blond and what is gray! Do you ever leave hair all gray? Nicole: Some women can pull off silver hair, as long as she has a good cut and it is conditioned. One of my clients has silver hair and olive skin. She wears bright red lipstick and she can really pull off the look. People look into the mirror and are used to seeing a certain person. Color is a part of their identity so it is important to help them keep that identity. Nicole-and-Jeremy-Sassoon-Salon-Chicago Next I asked Jeremy some questions regarding cuts and hair styles. FO30: Are there any hair cuts or styles you recommend for women over 40? Jeremy: Some women start to see finer or less hair than they used to have so I would recommend a style with a stronger outline shape and less layering. FO30: Can older women wear long hair? Jeremy: Yes! It depends on the woman. One of my clients is in her 70s. She used to have a bob and she grew it out and now she loves it. She said she gets more compliments than before. Long hair also gives you options to pull it back or put it up. Shorter hair does not necessarily make you look younger! It may not look thicker just because it is cut short. FO30: Are bangs a good (or bad) styling solution to make women look younger? Sometimes I wonder if I should have bangs to cover my wrinkles. Jeremy: It may be good for some women, but then you have to be able to style bangs as well! For you, I recommend a good outline style and to keep it long. Making hair shorter isn’t necessarily going to make it look fuller or make you look younger! You want a style that gives you consistent results and can style every day. FO30: That’s for sure! How often do you recommend getting it styled? Jeremy:  It is best to get a cut or trim 4 times a year.
My long hair cut and style by Jeremy with color by Nicole at Sassoon Chicago.
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