Makeup Tips From James Vincent For Women Over 40

James-Vincent Are there any special makeup rules for women as we age? We asked one of our favorite beauty professionals James Vincent, Celebrity Makeup and Director of Artistry and Education for The Makeup Show for a few pointers. Fo30: Can you give us some fun holiday makeup ideas for women over 40? JV: I don’t believe that there are rules for makeup based on age, as many of my celebrity clients are in their 50s and 60s and still wearing the iconic looks they are known for. If you want some ideas that will make makeup impactful for women over 40 I say add shape, color and glow. Try adding shape with a reverse kitten eyeliner. Forget the overdone smokey or overdrawn cat and keep it simple with a kitten kick of color drawn with a black liner pen. Keep it tight to the lash line and follow the line created by your lower lash. Draw your tail and then pull it back. Keep it comfortable for you as far as drama but this shape and placement is sure to add lift. Color is a great way to create a look that takes years off. Try a navy mascara instead of black to whiten and brighten the eye. Navy liner will also add the depth of black with an unexpected lift. Color on the cheeks is also fantastic. Try adding a soft pink cream blush at the apple of the cheek and a soft orange powder blush to the higher area of the cheekbone for an effect that brightens and lifts while feeling young and fresh. Add glow. A bit of gloss in the center of the lip, a cream blush and bronzer only where sun hits the face are fantastic for a youthful look. Warm golden or bronze tones on the eye are also very flattering. Forget the myths. Add a modern metallic on the eye from crease to lash and you will love the effect. Modern and model-like and works for most women. FO30: Do you have any makeup application tips in general for women as we age? JV: Less is more. Always use sunscreen. Be yourself. Makeup is individual. Find your own style and embrace it. One of my clients is Joan Jett. She has an iconic makeup look that has not changed much in her many years in the public eye. She does not care about trendy. At 56 years old she is sexier than ever. We keep her makeup minimal with a sheerer foundation and very little contour (we become more angular as we age so be careful adding in contour…it can age you) and not much powder. We focus instead on her favorite feature: her eyes and brows. We bring in a dramatic cat eye that lifts her in a flattering way. Contrary to popular belief we do not use black. She embraces color because it has a more subtle impact. We also keep the mouth more minimal and let the eye be the focus. If you have your own style it always looks like you, have fun and let your individuality be what makes you beautiful! Learn more from James Vincent at The Makeup Show in Chicago this weekend on November 7th and 8th. Visit The Makeup
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– Carol Calacci Photo: James Vincent backstage at Charlotte Ronson during New York Fashion Week by Second City Style

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