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Being pregnant, and waking up to new unsightly blemishes is definitely not a thrill. Pregnancy skin goes through a ton of hormonal changes that cause breakouts, irritated skin, and unsightly blemishes. However, there are products that target just what pregnancy skin needs.

Even with sensitive skin, you are prone to breakouts, so a product with salicylic or lactic acid will help aide in lifting away the irritants in your skin. As great exfoliating cleanser, try Belli's Acne Clearing Facial Wash. This safe acne solution for pregnancy uses lactic acid; naturally found in the body, to lift away dirt and oil from the facial pores, and promotes clean and blemish-free skin. if you are in need of a soothing cleanser for irritated skin, try Aveeno's Ultra-Calming Foaming Cleanser, or Eucerin's Redness Relief Soothing Cleanser. These cleansers gently yet effectively cleanses and soothes red skin, and safe for even the most sensitive skin. 
If you still need more assistance with those annoying pimples, go for a spot treatment like Clean and Clear Acne Spot Treatment or Murad's Acne Spot treatment. These treatments speed the healing of those stubborn blemishes on-the-spot, and quickly clears active breakouts. The key is to not dry out your full skin surface, just in spots that need extra treatment. 
Need a full treatment mask? Try , Yes to Cucumbers Calm Care Soothing Facial Mask. One of the best mask I have tried on my blemished skin. This refreshing mas not only smells clean and fresh but this super-charged, nutrient-rich mask leaves your skin soft, silky and completely cushioned. With Aloe and Cucumber it delivers a gentle moisture boost to tired, irritated skin.
To moisturize the skin, a hydrating moisturizer with sunscreen is best. Try Eucerin's Daily Perfecting Lotion with spf 15. This daytime moisturizer immediately reduces visible redness and blotchiness with a subtle green neutralizers. Perfect for the redness in skin from breakouts.
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Illustration & Article: Kelley Epps-Woods, Beauty Writer


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