Christian Siriano Takes on Chicago. A Fierce Collection at Bonnie & Clyde's Fashion Show


Christian Siriano

Bonnie & Clyde's Love Games fashion show at Lumen last Friday featured Christian Siriano. I was pleased to meet the fashion prodigy before the show. Second City Style was not surprised when he won Project Runway Season 4 with his "fierce" and sophisticated back and white Paul Revere meets French Couture collection and we have followed him ever since at New York Fashion Week. But don't look for him under "Christian Siriano" Just Siriano. A smart move I'd say. After all, who wants to get confused with Dior and LaCroix? His last two collections continued to progress and change, yet keep it's impeccable tailoring and sophisticated design. Siriano can make his own name for himself!


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I had only a few minutes to talk to Christian, but within the first second just knew he is one of those people that I could talk to for hours. He was very down-to-earth and polite, despite the cocky attitude he became known for. In person, I can see the "attitude" is really just for his amusement…and ours! I'd say he up for the challenge of being a fashion personality as well as a good designer. 

SCS: Your collections are very sophisticated and yet you are so young.Do you see a woman your age, twenty two wearing your designs?

Christian Siriano: Yes, totally. I think especially some of the pieces – like a blouse or maybe just the pants I can totally see on a younger woman.

SCS: I noticed a chartreuse silk ruffle blouse on Intermix – that would be great for any age!

Christian Siriano: Yes, Intemix is geared for younger women, and I don't really like department stores. Although, Nordstrom does a pretty good job… they try. Other department stores I also like are Barneys and Saks. I really don't want to get lost in department stores. That's why I like being in boutiques like Bonnie & Clyde's.

SCS: Yes there really isn't another boutique in Chicago like Bonnie & Clyde's – they bring in fresh designers, take some chances and introduce edgier fashion.

SCS: I saw that you design shoes and I have to say they are really cool, I love the heel. Is this something you will be getting into?

Christian Siriano: We did shoes for Payless. I have always done shoes for the runway, as part of my collection. So yes, I do shoes!

SCS: Will I see your shoes tonight?

Christian Siriano: Yes! You will see my shoes.


SCS:  Now, I know I can say that your first collection was definitely "fierce".

Christian Siriano: (making a little fist gesture) Oh yes!

SCS: But what one word can you call your current collections?

Christian Siriano: Oh… I don't think there is another word… but for Spring the theme of the collection is "Etherial" (he stretched out the word in sing-songy fashion)…and for fall it is "Hieroglyphics" – it has an Egyptian influence.

I do want to see Christian Siriano go far. His totally "up" attitude is very contagious and reminded me of what I love most about this industry…that fashion is truly a form of art and expression!


Siriano Spring 09


Siriano Spring 09


Siriano Spring 09


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Vivienne Westwood

–Carol Calacci

Christian Siriano Photos: Steve Starr

All Other Runway Photos: Sapan Ahuja

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