Beauty Buzz: Revlon Brings Color for 2012

Well, there’s a way to ring in the new year!
Revlon released the newest advertisement campaign for its 2012 color cosmetics line. Though the television spots aren’t set to release until mid-January, the print ads are out now. Featuring the two newest Revlon spokesmodels Olivia Wilde and Emma Stone, both are looking pretty easy breezy in their respective ads.
According to WWD, it’s all about the consumer connecting with the ads:

It’s also about having a point of view and projecting that in the ad campaign versus just using ambassadors as models for the makeup.
In the ads, global chief marketing officer for Revlon Inc. Julia Goldin said Revlon aims to create a world and a story, and how Revlon becomes a tool for expression. Emma Stone, Olivia Wilde and Halle Berry, said Goldin, represent three key archetypes that every woman can connect to.

What do you think? Does this make you want to go out and snag some Revlon Lip Butter?

– Taneisha Jordan
Source & Photos: WWD

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