Project Accessory, Season 1 Episode 8: Finale. Memorable Quotes from Last Night's Episode.

Project Acessory Finale Designers Brian, Nina and Rich
This is it, folks! It’s the season finale of Project Accessory and it’s still anyone’s game… we have classically elegant but safe Nina, rocker-chic but still complaining struggling Rich or out of his mind this world alien princess designer Brian. We get a small recap on why each designer thinks they should be the winner. Naturally. Molly Sims is back for the last time to greet the remaining contestants on their final challenge. The task is create nine different accessories for three different looks. That’s a lot of work, right?! Of course, they’re bringing back all the past contestants! Crazy Eyes Nicolina is back! Please somebody pick her soon! Oh no, they only get to pick one former contestant to help them. Rich snags Diego because he knows handbags, Nina scoops Kelly because… I’m still unsure and Brian gets James for his shoe work.
Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti
Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti comes in to babble tell the rules about sketching and money. Hopefully, no one loses their money in Mood, right?  Everyone’s planning on doing an evening to day and a strictly evening look. What a shocker. Mood trip. Diego talks Rich into some colors. And that is pretty much all that happened at Mood. Back in the workroom, the designers are hard at work. And Diego’s already finished the bag?! They’ve been there for like, 30 minutes! I want Diego to be my handbag fairy… but all is not well in handbag land. Apparently, Rich thinks it looks too clean and that’s not his style. Uh, duhr. Haven’t you guys been working together all week? You know what his style is, why is this a shock to you all of a sudden? Kelly is fiddling around and hasn’t done anything. Are we going to have another “race to the finish” storyline this week? Brian is not looking good again this week. Like , seriously… has there ever been a week he looks good? Eva comes back in with a guest. Is it a designer?! Pfft, no. That would mean Eva is actually doing something useful, a skill she’s frittered away for the last seven episodes. No, Eva brings in some random guy Harry Josh, creative consultant from John Frieda. PRODUCT PLACEMENT TIME! We get back in the workroom and everyone is at each others’ throats. Nina wants Kelly to hurry with the bags and Diego and Rich are clashing over designer aesthetics. Eva saunters around to give “advice” and find out each of the looks. She calls out Rich for the Diego bag and so he decides to change it up and forget about Diego. Nina, or course, is still harping on if the bag will be finished. So, why is Kelly crying about Nina bringing her back. Oh, jeez. Final day! Tension is high and we get some more reflection time. Brian’s model can’t fit the shoe so now it’s time to switch the models wearing the evening piece. Diego wants nothing to Rich’s styling and Kelly doesn’t think she’ll be able to fully finish the bags. And then Rich sees Diego helping Kelly out with her bag. Oh, hell to the no!
Judges Lorraine Schwartz, Kenneth Cole, Ariel Foxman, and Molly Sims
Runway time! Sims is back with Ariel Foxman, Mister please hurry and give me the check designer Kenneth Cole, and jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz. Nina’s jewelry is classic and sexy but seems to be continuously stuck in a rut. Rich has awesome pieces but it seems his signature “Rich-stamp” isn’t carrying through the whole collection. Brian… before we can even talk about the accessories, can I say that his models are wearing the most random 1980’s rompers I have ever seen. We are dangerously close to camel toe city up there! His look of dusty colors gets high praise but I see dated pieces. The winner is… Brian. Because he took risks and since the judges could see the surprise factor in all of his work, they crowned him the first winner ever of Project Accessory! And because the judges deemed her such a hard worker, Nina gets a trip to Paris. Well, that sucks for Rich… home boy gets nada! Oh well, it’s been a good run… now when does Project Runway All-Stars start again?
Brian, "You are the winner of Project Accessory Season 1!"
Nina, "You are going to Paris!"
Rich, "You are a very talented designer..."
Memorable Quotes: “I don’t know what’s going to happen yet, so I’m not so stressed out about it.” – Rich “It’s a grown up, bohemian girl, tomboy.” – Nina “If they don’t come out right, or they don’t come out at all, I’m gonna be in bad shape.” – Brian “I think Brian is running without a plan.” – Rich “There’s like, a dark streak running through my design aesthetic.” – Rich “If it’s gonna look like something you just grabbed from your garage, don’t do it.” – Diego Be sure to check out our other favorite site dedicated to all things Project Runway…Blogging Project Runway! —Taneisha Jordan Photos: Lifetime

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