Beauty Buzz. Donna Karan Plans Debut of Latest Fragrance, Woman.

The Donna Karan Woman bottle.
It’s been a long time coming but Donna Karan is returning to the fragrance arena with her latest statement scent, Woman. Slated for an August launch, Woman is the latest project that, “represents Donna’s supportive messages to women,” said Veronique Gabai-Pinsky, global brand president Karan’s fragrance licensee. “She has always tried to enhance every woman’s best features. She makes you feel beautiful, no matter what.” Ever the last word in an aesthetic that’s sleek, powerful, and elegant, Karan worked with architect Zaha Hadid to create the bottle for Woman, which resembles like a free-form sculpture. Its curving shape was designed specifically to echo Karan’s 1994 best-selling Cashmere Mist bottle, which was created by Karan’s late husband, sculptor Stephan Weiss.  
Donna Karan Woman ancillaries.
And despite the undeniable femininity in the conception of Woman, Karan attributes much of the scent’s ambition to the collaboration between women and men. “There is a man in every woman,” told WWD, crediting her initial success in the fragrance arena to Weiss. “He made all the bottles; he did everything. I did help a little bit.” As for the concept behind Woman, Karan and perfumer Anne Flipo worked with Trudi Loren, vice president of corporate fragrance development worldwide for the Estée Lauder Cos. Inc., and International Flavors & Fragrances to create the concoction. Built around a core of sandalwood and Haitian vetiver, the mix also includes orange flower. The collection includes eaux de parfum in two sizes, 1.7 oz. for $85 and 3.4 oz. for $115, as well as a 6.7-oz. body lotion, $50, and a 6.7-oz. body cleansing lotion, $45. “Woman — a woman and a man all coming together for me — that is the power of a woman,” Karan said. Keep an eye out for the juice come August! -Alia Rajput Article and Photo Source: WWD

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