LIke It or Loathe It: Blake Lively's New Ad for Gucci

Blake Lively’s new Gucci ad

It seems like only yesterday that Blake Lively came onto the scene. Renown for her bubbly, yet slightly bitchy character on cult series Gossip Girl, Lively has quickly transcended the small screen and has been making her rounds as a fashion industry darling. First she became the object of Karl Lagerfeld’s attention, sitting front row with him at Chanel shows and sasheying around in the signature C’s. But now, it seems Italian house Gucci has scooped Lively up, fresh from her starring role in the latest Steven Soderbergh flick, Savages.
Gucci had only made the announcement last week that Lively would front the campaign for the label’s newest fragrance, “Premiere”. The campaign will include print ads shot by Mert Alasgott and Marcus Pig, as well as a commercial by Nicolas Winding Refn, who directed the movies Drive and Pusher, among others. The commercial, er, short film for the fragrance will debut at the Gucci party during the Venice Film Festival on September 1. But the print ads are already out, what do you know!
Keeping in step with the “Premiere” theme, the ad seems billed more as a movie poster, giving us oh so precious clues as to what the short film for the fragrance will hold. In it, a Gucci-clad Lively stares out a window, onto the glittering lights of an unnamed city below. Her look reflected in the window pane reads, regretful? Wistful? Seductive? We’re really not sure. The black and white framing and Veronica Lake waves create an unmistakable Old Hollywood flair, which creative director Frida Giannini said she wanted to invoke.
So what do we think, dear readers? Is Lively pulling it off as the distressed film noir heroine? Or have we seen too many itrations of her lately for it to be believable? We’re still making up our minds ourselves. One thing’s for sure, it better be one heck of a “commercial”.
-Alia Rajput
Article and Photo Source: NY Mag

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