BaseLift™: The Non-Surgical Face Lift

Who really wants to go under the knife in the name of maintaining a youthful appearance? Not me. It’s not to say I wouldn’t consider it, but fillers have come such a long way, I don’t feel the need to run out and do anything drastic, painful and expensive. At least not yet. So when I heard of the non-surgical BaseLift developed and perfected by Dr. Bracci at Verve Medical Cosmetics I had to learn everything about it! Be sure to read my recent post on Verve Medical Cosmetics EyeRise.


BaseLift™ is a non-surgical facelift method that artistically applies a combination of fillers to restore the natural shape and architecture of the face. The upper, middle and lower face and jawline areas are filled to recreate a natural lift in different directions, to restore the face in all dimensions. Every angle is restored. The BaseLift treatment sculpts the face back to its original form while maintaining a natural look. So you look like the old you. Well, the younger you! The you that used to look back at you in the mirror, but the you you’ve probably not seen in quite a few years. And you can have your whole face treated in one session – even during lunchtime!


The base of the face refers to the face’s underlying support structure which is found underneath the skin. It consists of fat, bone and muscle and as we age it all starts to erode. That’s why our skin begins to sag and our eyes look sunken – the structure that was once supporting our facial skin has shrunk. Bummer right? Well, now you can get it back!


Sadly facial aging occurs when the face loses the support of the base. We eventually lose this foundation, or base, below the skin. Without the support our skin folds and sags. Therefore many turn to facelifts but with a facelift you are essentially pulling the skin tightly over a diminished framework which is why so many who undergo facelifts look unrecognizable. Their face is tight, but not youthful nor the same as their old version. The 2.0 version never looks as good when it comes to humans.


The BaseLift adds back to the facial base what has been lost with age by utilizing a combination of cosmetic filler injectables (which vary depending on each client’s particular needs) to restore the shape and architecture of the face. Rather than surgically removing, pulling or repositioning the tissues of the face like a traditional facelift, BaseLift maintains your natural look while giving you a more youthful, rested look.


The BaseLift method is a three-dimensional, non-surgical restoration of the face’s architecture. Neither surgery nor topical wrinkle creams can effectively restore the facial base that is lost with aging. You can’t miraculously get it back, until now. The BaseLift method restores what was once there while maintaining a natural look.

By concentrating on adding back support rather than removing tissue, the BaseLift non-surgical facelift recreates the original architecture supporting the face. Each layer, as well as each area, of the face benefits from the unique combination of these fillers to achieve the greatest lift while maintaining your natural appearance. There’s also no recovery time so you don’t have to hide at home for weeks like you would having to recover from a traditional facelift.

Sounds too good to be true?


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–Lauren Dimet Waters

Photos: Verve Medical Cosmetics


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