Bad Judgement du Jour. The Half Pant/Half Short


OK, are they serious with this? If this is one of those bad fashion nightmares I occasionally tend to have, then it is definitely time for me to wake up. But while I'm pinching myself back to reality, check out this latest so-called summer trend that's up for some serious debate. Designer Bernard Wilhelm came up with this bizarro hybrid that he aptly named the Half Pant, which he describes as " Half pants half shorts in a  combination of camouflage and blue and white pinstripes". So apparently its not bad enough that not bad enough that these fugly bottoms have dueling lengths, they have to have dueling patterns as well! And if you think, like I first did, that this is some kind of joke, the sticker shock will knock you even farther into disbelief. $340 is the chunk of change that Wilhelm actually expects people to pony up for these freaky pants. Just think of all the normal bottoms you could purchase with that amount, and without the added stress of people looking at you like you're crazy everywhere you go.  

Keep this look on the runway and off the streets!

Article and Photo Source: The Huffington Post
-Alia Rajput

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