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Asoswebsite, the UK's "largest multi-brand, contemporary e-tailer", will finally be getting the long overdue site it deserves: a US website

In September, the company will launch a new US website that will better handle shipping and returns from American customers. There will be sites for France and Germany to follow by the end of the year. 

“We’ve already established quite a bit of a U.S. business, but our goal is to create an easier shopping experience for American customers,” said Nick Robertson, founder and chief executive officer of ASOS. “The new site will have prices in dollars, different vocabulary and a locally relevant homepage.”

ASOS' selling point is its vast amounts of styles for both men and women and turning over it's entire inventory every nine weeks. 

I have ordered from before and I can say that retruns from them are nothing short of a complete hassle. When dealing with a company that you can only communicate with through emails and the customs at the JKF Airport in New York, the customer can get a bit frustrated (i.e. me equaled furious) trying to get their money back. Let me just dream that my angry emails had something to do with this…

-Taneisha Jordan

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