Shop Cops Law & Order: Fashion Victims Unit

I searched far and wide this week to bring you the most diverse group of rogue fashionistas. A cartel of fashion criminals that operate outside the law of dress and cause extreme social unrest on the streets of Chicago. Misfits that needs to be tamed by the iron hand of a SCS Style Enforcer that takes her job seriously and swears on a stack of Vogue magazines that she will uphold fashion justice to the highest decree.

So let’s take a look at  this week’s line-up of perpetrators that caused the most heinous crimes against fashion!


FV 05 13101: It’s neither cold nor raining but she dons the necessary attire for both weather possibilities. A cross dresser that I picked up street walking and gave her a firm warning that if I saw her again I was going to have to take her in!


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FV 05 13102: LV Signature Monogram Print + Knock-off looking Pucci Print = A sight for sore eyes! This combination was enough of an injustice for me to mace her for visually assaulting and SCS Officer!   

shop cop nightmare on state st 002

FV 05 13103: This woman bored multiple innocent bystanders to death with her outfit and was charged with Fashioncide (killing someone with bad fashion). 


FV 05 13104: These girls indecently exposed their lack of taste. Since they are young, I’ll give a slap on the wrist but the next offense is going to land them straight in Shop Cop's Juvenile Detention Center.

At the end of this gruesome fashion beat, this Officer of SCS, poured herself several pink cosmos to wash away all the nightmarish images and I urge everyone who viewed this week’s line-up to do the same.

-Yen Le

Photos: Second City Style

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  1. Ha ha ha! Awesome! There’s no excuse for bad outfits when you live in Chi-town… there are too many examples of GREAT outfits on the streets!


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