Bad Judgment du Jour. Spray Painted Jeggings


I'm not so sure I am sold on jeggings, but this pair for sure sent me over the edge. It's bad enough jeggings boast everything from fake zippers to fake pockets, but spray painted? I can't take it. The ones pictures above sell at Express for $39.50 (buy one pair and get a second hideous pair for an enemy for 50% off). I won't provide a link because I do not want to encourage bad taste. At any rate, the picture does not do the ugliness justice. I actually saw these 'printed denim leggings' in person last week. Yes, I ventured into an Express that was a few doors down from an appointment I was early for. I had not been in one in years and now I know why. I was shocked at the fugliness of these jeggings in person. They are white based leggings with spray painted black details including the button, pockets and belt loops! Wear these and be the subject of stares (and not in a good way). Yuck.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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