What To Wear Now: The Fall 2016 Pantone Colors

A new season means new colors on the runways, in stores and in your wardrobe. And while we love our tried and true neutrals – marking the change in the calendar by changing up the colors that we’re wearing keeps things interesting and fresh. Of course, every season has its key trends and associated popular hues – and we’re loving the ones Pantone is reporting on this season. Here are the key colors for Fall ’16

What To Wear Now: Artistic Prints Inspired By Masterpieces

We love a good print, and we might love it even more if it evokes the work of one of our favorite artists. However, prints that are too literal can be complicated to work into one’s wardrobe unless your job title is editor-at-large or gallerist. And while we’ll always adore vintage Mondrian-inspired YSL and Dali-Schiaperelli collaborations, those pieces aren’t accessible for most of us, or even all that wearable for most of us if they were

What To Wear Now: Playing With Volume

Oversize pieces and loose styles have been on-trend for a while now, and there is something to be said for the sheer comfort of clothing that doesn’t restrict movement, or potentially highlight any bits that you wish would stay in the background. Additionally lots of flowing fabric always lends some statement-making drama to a look.

However, it’s not always that easy to work this trend without looking shapeless, sloppy, overly casual, older or larger than you actually are. That said, you don’t need to be a six foot tall glamazon or incredibly slender to make this trend work for you. Let me show you how:

Style For The Next Generation: Modern Heirlooms

We’ve all heard of the concept and perhaps some of us are lucky enough to own some heirloom pieces – usually jewelry, sometimes a fur, maybe a designer handbag or scarf. However, these items tend to be fairly traditional or even dated – classic doesn’t always mean it will last forever. That said, personal style will continue to be your hallmark, so consider whether or not something can become a “modern heirloom” before you invest in a noteworthy piece. Here are some tips when looking for modern heirlooms.

Connected To Style: Fashionable Tech Toys And Accessories

So you’ve got an iPhone and iPad and probably the earbuds that came with them, but you’re hardly making the most of the fact that you’re unlikely to be without your tech at any given time. These aren’t merely useful devices, they are crucial components of your look and they can and should be treated as such! So without further adieu, here are some of our favorite tech gadgets and cases…