Anything BUT Boring Black Bathing Suits!

Yep. It’s that dreaded time of year. Time to think about bathing suits. So recently I talked about my favorite cover-up, the kaftan/kimono, which actually made me excited to hit the pool. Then I remembered at some point I will have to remove it and get into the pool. That’s not as fun. I’m sure by now you already know there is nothing more flattering than a black bathing suit. They visually help you drop 10 pounds instantly. Yet, you may be thinking, they are so boring. Well not anymore, I was amazed how many black bathing suits I found with details like ruffles, lace, fringe and draping. I am actually quite excited.

Now if you are over 40 (like me) and have had a couple of kids (like me) you may feel more comfortable in a one-piece (like me). It kinda holds everything in place. So I’m only showing one-piece suits here. If you have a slamming body and tight abs and can rock a two-piece, I say go for it. I’ll watch you on the sidelines with pride. Personally, my abs are never seeing the light of day again. Until I get that tummy tuck…and even then.



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