Alice Temperley and Twinings Team Up for Tea Chic

The Twinings for Temperley limited-edition, hand-illustrated scarf
Few other places in the world boast the importance of tea in daily life as much as the British do. Stopping life everyday around 4 p.m. to relax and have a spot of tea is an integral part of British culture. And while it does wonders to calm the nerves or provide a boost of energy, tea has never really been synonymous with fashion—until now. British designer and recent favorite of Kate Middleton, Alice Temperley, has joined forces with  tea company Twinings to create a range of limited edition products centered on the potent brew. The first item in the series is a hand-illustrated blue and white scarf, as refreshing as a cool glass of sweet tea on a hot day. Inspired by the history of Earl Grey tea, the pattern channels Ming Dynasty art but is still, as the Daily Mail UK calls, “unmistakeably Alice”, seen in Temperley’s oft-used china plate blue and white palette.  The hand-illustrated design portrays the journey of the original Twinings Earl Grey blend in 1831 from its origin in China to the Twinings store in London.
The Twinings for Temperley limited-edition, hand-illustrated scarf
Elements from the sea voyage itself  can be seen in the nautical compass and a wave-inspired border while essential ingredients to Earl Grey tea, like bergamot plant and oil, are interlaced into the scarf’s elaborate background. Temperley has signed on for a year-long collaboration with the tea company, creating limited-edition products that will contain her signature print. Of the partnership, Temperley said, ‘I’m very excited to be working with Twinings. They have a rich British heritage, and the story of the origins of Earl Grey tea translated beautifully into the print we created.’
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-Alia Rajput
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