Bad Judgement du Jour. Spelling with the Kardashians

Khloe (left) and Kourtney Kardashian showing off their own nail colors for Nicole by Opi.jpg

In their continued efforts to take over the world, once again the Kardashians are ladling on the sugary sweetness for their latest beauty venture, a Nicole by OPI nail polish collection. And because they can’t ever seem to miss an opportunity to market themselves, the trifecta of Kim, Kourtney and Khloe, along with mom Kris and step-sisters Kendall and Kylie (have a headache yet?), decided to name the collection Kardashian Kolors. And if you think that’s a spelling error, you’re giving them far too much credit since the tagline for the collection will be, “it’s all about the kolor.” Oy vey.
But the atrocities of misspellings don’t end at the title of the collection; so far, they threaten throughout each individual color as well.  Though all six Kardashian women will be coming out with a “kolor” for the collection, the only two revealed so far are Kourtney’s orange-red entitled, “Kourt is Redy for a Pedi” and Khloe’s dark blue called “Khloe Had a Little Lam Lam”, both displaying less than commendable grammar. We cringe to think of what matriarch Kris Jenner will come up with in yet another attempt to be as young and hip as her daughters.
No confirmed date yet on when the full Kardashian Kolors collection will be released, but marketing efforts are already underway. At the very least, now you won’t have to wait to hear the Kardashians speak to feel better about your own intelligence—you can just read the tagline for their nail polish and voila: self-validation.
-Alia Rajput
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