A 40-Something Fashion & Beauty Editor On Living In A Millennial World

I just had to say it. I couldn’t hold it in anymore. If one more millennial PR person pitches me, but then asks how many Instagram followers we have I will scream. They are missing the big picture (and I’m missing patches of hair). She doesn’t have a clue (and I say “she” because 95% are women named Ashley or (God) Lauren) how our age demographic gets and processes our information when it comes to shopping and spending.

Well she had better learn because they want what women in their 40’s and 50’s have and it’s what their clients also want…our money! We have it to spend, but you care more about that stupid selfie we don’t relate to with 25,000 “likes” by millennials who buy followers, live off their parents, or live in a one bedroom apartment with 10 room mates, is on her 10th job in 4 years, thinks she deserves a raise after 2 months of minimal work effort and needs to leave the office while the light is still good for her selfie shots. You know, the people we loathe to hire.

The fact is, we are not narcissists…and respond better to authenticity. So figure us out and fast. Read the business section of any paper…retail is having some of the WORST months on record. Why? Because their PR people have them convinced millennials are their salvation. It’s comical really. I wracked my brain why our Twitter numbers were not converting to Instagram and after speaking to my friends and peers I have it nailed. Time you did too.


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Peace & Love!

Oh and if you’d like me to come and school you and your staff on how to speak to women in their 40’s+ in a social world, I’d be happy to. Email me at [email protected].


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2 thoughts on “A 40-Something Fashion & Beauty Editor On Living In A Millennial World”

  1. Thank you for that Lauren!

    I am a small business owner in his mid 50s and completely agree with what you put forth; great points!

    My wife sent me the link to your video because she loved it as well and she knows that I am struggling with the fact that I should really be posting on Instagram to promote my business, but really do not want to do it! I just do not care for social media at all, but realize that it is a fact of life now and will never go away. I do not think that it is making the world a better place at all.

    Anyway, thanks again!

    • Thanks for your comment Joe! I’m so happy your wife not only shared the video with you, but found it! I agree social media is NOT making the world a better place (especially when I see my kids with their noses buried in my phone or iPad) but sadly it’s unavoidable. If I had a dollar for every person over 40 I have coached on social media, I would have another career! Instagram should be an aid/tool for your business but I think PR companies and marketing companies are putting too much stock in it. The FACT is people over 40 are not using it the way the millennials do, but WE have the $. They don’t get it. My tip for you is to use it how you feel most comfortable. It won’t make or break your business.



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