WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

With Halloween coming up this weekend, one would have thought the outlandish tricks and treats would be coming out early in celebrity style. Yet this week proved to be somewhat low key in the way of fashion blunders, despite the teeming masses of MJ-clad fans that showed up around the globe for the premiere of "This Is It". But this week's flubs, though subtle, are no less deserving of a good ol' WTF!

Mel B at the Glaceau Vitamin Water launch in London

Comment: Over ten years after the phenomenon of the Spicegirls, Mel B. seems to be channeling her Scary Spice moniker a lot more now. The singer/actress looks great from the neck down but whoever told her that donning platinum locks would increase her sex appeal is sadly mistaken. She does, however, manage to do a pretty spot on impersonation of RuPaul.


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She's Thinking: Deep down, I always wanted to be Baby Spice.

Katy Perry at the "This Is It" premiere in L.A.

Comment: Amidst the fedoras, tight jeans, and sparkly gloves of the late Michael Jackson's adoring public, Katy Perry opted for a slightly different look—of the shredded kind. The singer's Addams Family gown mixes formal with grungy goth with an overall result as more sloppy than sultry. If she wanted the "distressed" look, she should have just stayed with a dark wash jean.

She's Thinking: I got bored in the limo and had some fun with my scissors

Julie Benz at a movie premiere in L.A.

Comment: The dress that Benz picked for this premiere is beautiful—and that seems to be the problem. It's beautiful and satiny and crated specifically to show off some leg that for some reason, Benz is against. Instead of creating a lean, linear line for herself she seems to chop her legs off at the knee by pairing the light and airy dress with chunky black suede boots. If there was ever a case for a crime against metallic heels, this is it.

She's Thinking: It was either a jacket or these and I've worked too hard on my arms.

Ricki Lake at the Healthy Child Healthy World Gala in Beverly Hills

Comment: Tim Gunn recently wrote a style report on the best ways to wear an all black outfit. Unfortunately, Lake didn't get the memo. Where Gunn suggests mixing up sheer textures, creating different lengths, and showing off some skin to avoid looking dowdy in such a monochromatic ensemble, Lake seems to make a pretty compelling case for all his 'Don'ts. She's successfully covered up practically every part of her, including her head, when all we want to see is more of her rockin' body. What would her former talk show host say about this in terms of self-image?

She's Thinking: (former talk show host self): We need to talk.

Simon Webbe at the Guess anniversary party in London

Comment: Well, we couldn't go an entire pre-Halloween week without including some sort of spooky behavior (besides Mel B.'s hair that is). Singer and former British boy band member Simon Webbe decided to pair his chic Guess ensemble with an apparent tribute to the brand's color—in his eye color. Maybe it's a British thing and maybe it's a pre-holiday thing but all we know is, that is a tragic waste of a darn good-looking man.

He's Thinking: Watch, I bet JT starts doing this too.

Photo Source: wireimage
-Alia Rajput

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