WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was in Bad Celebrity Fashion

Marta marzotto-r.cavalli fw, milan
Marta Marzotto at the Roberto Cavalli fashion show during Milan Fashion Week in Italy

Comment: I know cheetah print goes hand-in-hand with Roberto Cavalli, but doesn't that backdrop make Marta look so much worse? I'm all for fur, prints and bold colors, but not all at once. It's almost like a mink threw up on her… not attractive. And can we just comment on those red suede clown shoes? Yikes!

She's Thinking: Alright, alright. Now tell me, do I have enough prints on? What else am I missing?

Vicki lewis-alzheimer's association's 17th ann 'a night at sardi's', bev hills, ca
Vicki Lewis at the Alzheimer's Association's 17th Annual "A Night at Sardi's" in Beverly Hills

Comment: Unfortunately, Vicki's attempt to look presentable failed miserably here. Her top half screams messy conservative (I mean, how ill-fitting is that jacket?), the bottom looks like something an 80 year old lady would wear, and then her shoes are cowboy? Basically, I'm very confused by her whole look and would really just like to move on!


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She's Thinking: Well, I'm at the right event, but where did I leave my stylist??

Miranda richardson-WorldPremeireOfTheYoungVictoria,londong 

Miranda Richardson at the world premiere of The Young Victoria in London

Comment: While I think orange can be a tricky color to pull off, Miranda could have done it well had the cut and style of her dress been different. Her tangerine version of a tent is the least bit flattering. And is that supposed to be an ombre effect on the bottom or has the dress been dipped in rain puddles? Dress, dress go away…

She's Thinking: Maybe no one will notice…

Lisa lampanelli-comedyCentral roast of larry cable, cali 

Lisa Lampanelli at the Comedy Central Roast of Larry the Cable Guy in California

Comment: Even though I'm a big fan of the comedian's gimmicks, I am not a fan of this ensemble. Camouflage? Really? It's ironic how Lisa has the humor of a man, yet dresses very girly. Not so much a success. And are those white tights? What is it with older women and wearing white tights? Lisa, you clearly don't talk like a 1950's housewife, so why are you attempting to dress like one?

She's Thinking: This hot dress definitely won't keep me in hiding. Hopefully I'll be able to reel in another boyfriend tonight!

Singer gabriella climi-childrens champions 2009 awards, london

Singer Gabriella Climi at the Children's Champions 2009 Awards in London

Comment: I know the economy is in the trash right now, but I think a famous singer could at least pull a few pennies together to buy a dress, rather than sew her dad's old ties together. Even a paper bag would have looked better than this! Sorry Gabriella, leave your future styling to a professional and stop raiding your father's closet.

She's Thinking: Thank you Daddy! I hope I made you proud!

-Allison Merzel

Photos: WireImage

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