WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was in Bad Celebrity Fashion

Rosanna Arquette-elton LA

Actress Rosanna Arquette at the Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscars Party in Los Angeles

Comment: Have you ever seen anyone look more frumpy? I mean, she's at an Oscars party for goodness sake! Long skirts to the ankle with no shape paired with something even more shapeless makes for a really sad outfit. Couldn't you at least have tucked in your shirt, Rosanna? Even her face reads "I know I look awful." And why does she look like she's ready to pop a squat?


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She's Thinking: Alright, Mr. Photographers, please turn around so I can do my business. Then you can continue shooting my dowdy ensemble.

TV Personality Onch from paris bff, Hollywood 

TV personality Onch from Paris Hilton's BFF in Hollywood, California

Comment: Anybody gotta sweet tooth? Uh, yeah, not for this outfit you've got going on. Where do I even begin? How about with the cupcake underwear. Dare I even ask why they're worn over the leggings? And Onch, why are you even wearing sparkly leggings to begin with? Or rain boots or that t-shirt or that sweater? And the Barbie doll plastered to his forehead? Really??

He's Thinking: Who cares Paris Hilton rejected me! I'll be sure to find myself a new BFF with this hot get-up!

Actress Deidre Hall-'party w.a purpose' party LA

"Days of Our Lives" Actress Deidre Hall at the "Party with a Purpose" event in Los Angeles

Comment: Drab, drab, drab. Doesn't anyone have a stylist anymore? This sea-foam green paisley dress with matching wrap is so fugly. And can we please address the shoes? So dated! This entire look screams 90's. Well, at least her hair turned out okay.

She's Thinking: I was possessed by the devil again! I swear he made me wear this!

Jodie Harsh-Mulberry London Fashion Wk Party, London 

Personality and drag queen Jodie Harsh at the Mulberry London Fashion Week Party in London

Comment: The self-proclaimed "Real Queen of England" was a little shy of royal here. Miss Harsh, I don't mean to be um, harsh, but what on earth?! I'm not a fan of the bee-hive hair people are sporting these days. But really, who is? And the pleather blue shirt/jacket/thing is all wrong. I'm sorry, but it's not okay to show your midriff past the age of four. Speaking of four, I believe I had that same purse when I was at that age… to store My Little Ponies!

She's Thinking: Yes, Amy Winehouse is my favorite. What gave it away?

Rachel Zeskind-'Party w.a purpose' in LA 

Actress Rachel Zeskind at the "Party with a Purpose" event in Los Angeles

Comment: Is that pea-green? This color is meant to be eaten, not worn. There is a whole lot of mess going on with this dress. First, you've got the shiny metallic skirt. Then, there's the tulle. Too much tulle. Is that a train or a cape flailing behind her? With a butterfly belt to secure it? No, no, no. Come back and try again, Rachel.

She's Thinking: Oh dahhhling, you wish you could look as mahhhvelous as I do in this!

-Allison Merzel

Photos: WireImage

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