Beauty Buzz. Chic Feet: Pedi Couture™ Sandals


When paper slippers and smudged pedicures are just not an option, Pedi Couture's sandal is your solution! Say goodbye to messy smudges, and paper sandals, and  keep your pedicure intact with style! 

PediCouture™ is an eco-friendly sandal that were designed for pedicures and before/after yoga classesThese patented “Chic Feet on the Go” design and construction means no more waiting for polish to dry. They are designed with all the functionality of a pedicure slipper that are crafted with non-skid rubber sole, hand sewn padded uppers and toe separators. 
Pedi Couture™ sandals are even recommended by leading podiatrists because they relieve and reduce painful foot ailments. The patented design comfortably separates each toe, allowing less pressure and stress, facilitating proper weight distribution. Pedi Couture aids in improving and maintaining good stability; while enhancing blood circulation for more stamina and energy to get through the day healthy and positive.   

Whether its your weekly pedicure or your yoga class these sandals are perfect for your feet and are super comfy! They come in an array of colors and styles.

New Arrivals! For summer try their Floral Satin sandals, Skinny's, or Wedges…
Pedi/Yoga Couture $24.95 – $27.95

Kelley Epps-Woods, Beauty Writer

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