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Another week…more bad fashion. The Emmy’s red carpet may have been a breading ground for great fashion, but not the after parties! Especially at the TV Guide After Party at Les Deux!

Niecy Nash

Comment: Yes, we know you have *girls*, but do you have to display them as such? Leave something to the imagination will ya? A scarf does not a dress make.


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She’s thinking: Yes they are real and they’re spectacular!

Teri Hatcher

Comment: Why did she change? She looked much better (albeit not amazing) on the red carpet. A younger styled dress like this does not look right with old lady sheer black ‘pantyhose.’ Ew. The whole look is just…bad.

She’s thinking: What do you mean I’m not 24? There is nothing desperate about me!

Phoebe Price

Comment: Yikes! This gown is frightening, not sexy. Elvira called and wants her look back. Is she Vincent Price’s daughter?

She’s thinking: Boo! This is a Halloween party, right?

Shondrella Avery

Comment: Whoa! Holy necklaces! There is way too much going on with those things. If they drape around your boobs, you are wearing too many. Not to mention the necklaces blend with her hair. The dress is rather frumpy on what is otherwise a very pretty person.

She’s thinking: Aren’t they fab? They were 10 for $10! So I splurged and spent $30.

Judy Reyes

Comment: OK, this isn’t the worst dress we have ever sen, but it’s not for evening and certainly not the red carpet. The patterns detract from her face and the shoes don’t work with the outfit.

She’s thinking: Aren’t these the Daytime Emmy’s?

Joy Lauren

Comment: There is not ‘joy’ in this drab ensemble. Nothing on her pops and who knew shoes came in that color?  Her legs would look longer if she didn’t chop them with ankle straps. The fit around the boobs is too big and looks odd. If you are going to wear a drab color like taupe, at the very least make sure your makeup pops. Wear lipstick…always!

She’s thinking: Maybe if smile, you can see me.

Wait! Here is one from the Fox Emmy Party at Spago! Annie Wersching

Comment: This outfit isn’t the ‘worst thing.’ Get it? OK, I like the idea of the outfit, but a longer feathered skirt would have more fitting for the glamorous evening event. Her choice of shoes is boring. A killer Loubie would have been soooo much better. Close, but no cigar.

She’s thinking: I’m foxy!

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  1. Pretty dress that Phoebe Price is wearing
    Do you just not like her?? Beautiful Smile and
    great figure and Terri Hatcher looks great!!!


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