WTF Was (S)he Thinking? Bad Celebrity Style at the Academy of Country Music Awards.

There was a shocking amount of totally on-point, downright classy style at the Academy of Country Music Awards, but we caught the offenders!

First off, we have two cases of okay-from-the-front, WHAT?-from-the-back problems.

Case #1: Karolina Kurkova

Karolina_kurkova Karolina_kurkova1
Comment: Well, from the front, this looks like a nice, colorful Springtime smock. Then you see these back, and you realize its actually a shorts (skort?) and capelet bib-jumper?  Very strange. Good thing she is gorgeous enough to pull off just about anything.

She Was Thinking: It’s like the romper I wore as a toddler! Yay!

Case #2: Jennifer Nettles

Jennifer_nettles Jennifer_nettles1
Comment: The front is so pretty! Very strong woman, golden Greek goddess, all that jazz. Then, she swings around and the cut of the back makes her waist disappear, and the lines make her butt look…well…droopy. Not flattering!

She Was Thinking:
One out of two ain’t bad…


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And now for just plain fashion offenders:

Kelly Pickler
Comment: The ditzy Dolly wannabe wore a dress that looks like something from Beyonce’s House of Dereon mixed with Grandmom’s ugly couch. When your dress, bag, and skin are all the same color, and many shades darker than your hair, we have problems.

She Was Thinking:
I learned a new word! Monochromatic!

Emily West

Comment: The burgeoning Faith-Hill-esque country singer swings for old Hollywood glam and strikes out. Take a lesson from Kelly PIckler–matching your dress to your skin color makes you look naked, not pretty. Oh, and the roots… Ew.

She Was Thinking: I’ll be you one day, Faith! Just you wait!

Maureen McCormick

Comment: Marsha Brady is looking a little boxy, and this eggplant knee-length dress is not helping her situation. And her pose makes her look like a soccer mom.

She Was Thinking: Remember me? Anyone want to throw a football at my face?

Criss Angel

Comment: So we don’t usually cover men’s style in the weekly WTF, but this was so awkward we had to feature it. Magicians creep us out anyway, and no amount of abracadabra could save this borderline S&M outfit.

He Was Thinking: My outfit is a MINDFREAK!

Some country singers you wish you could see and not hear, but these we wish we could hear and not see! Surely, it would be less appalling, right?

– Hayley Wells


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