WTF Was She Thinking? The Week in Bad Celeb Style.

Now pay attention because it was a busy week in bad celebrity fashion!

Let’s start with the obvious….

CC Fontana at The "Green With Envy" Fashion Experience in West Hollywood, California


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Comment: That sure was some fashion experience! OK, I don’t know who she is, but this outift is beyond hideous on so many levels. She managed to make Janice Dickinson look good and that’s quite a feat! The lesson here is not to dress like a hooker…unless of course you are one.

Ashanti at the Cartier Charity Love Bracelet Launch in LA

Comment: I debated whether to include this one and felt I must. I consider it a public service. Ashanti seems to have a penchant for too-tight white clothes and here is more proof. Her hair style is more fitting for a 60 year-old woman!

Celina Carvajal at the "Finding Amanda" screening in NYC.

Comment: She looks so happy to be there that I almost hate doing this. The dress wouldn’t be so bad if it were not matched with those awfully loud orange things hanging from her lobes. The shoes are all wrong too. If you are going to wear something graphic, keep the rest of your outfit simple. One loud piece at a time, please.

Sienna Miller at The Edge Of Love Gala Opening in Edinburgh, Scotland

Comment: Oh Sienna. When you are good you are oh so good, but when you are bad? There is just no compare. Yet, we love you for your entertaining fashion gaffs. This outfit is an abomination. Seriously. What’s with the hat? Unless you are a flapper, be careful with getting tangled in this dangerous trap. Love the shoes though!

E.V Day at the Art Party and Auction hosted by the Whitney Contemporaries in NYC

Comment: Again, no clue who this is, but how can you not pay attention to this outfit? It screams to be made fun of. She looks like a flamenco dancer gone amok. I really wonder what was going through her mind when she not only bought those shoes, but decided to wear them with this outfit. Yes, black and white are in, but not this way.

British model Danielle Lloyd at the premiere of Hancock in London, England.

Comment: Now it’s quite a feat to make a model look huge. What is going on with the back of her dress? A gust of wind? Here is an argument for not wearing baby doll anything. Now do you see why men hate these? The gold headband and clutch just add to the tackiness…not to mention the shoes.

Stylist Rachel Zoe at the Art Party and Auction hosted by the Whitney Contemporaries in NYC

Comment: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! That’s me laughing at all the clients she just lost for wearing this getup she lifted from Mrs. Ropper’s closet!

Kim Kardashian at the Premiere of Hancock in London, England.

Comment: First, what was she doing there? Second, this is a perfect example why the maxi dress does not work for everyone! Kim looks seriously huge in this dress. Great dress, wrong body. If you are curvy, be careful when wearing a maxi. Go for one with a little less fabric…and a little less cleavage. Wait, it’s Kim Kardashian was are talking about here. So it’s either tits, ass or both!

Nicole_richie_2 Nicole_richie_3
Nicole Richie out in LA two nights on a row!

Comment: In the first picture she is doing her best Betsy Ross impersonation. Hey, the 4th is just around the corner and she has a flag to sew! The send dress is actually very pretty but Nicole drowns in it. Again, great dress, wrong body.If you are petite, be very careful that your maxi fits just right.

photos: WireImage

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