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Is it me, or can women in England generally not dress? At least well. This week is particularly frightening. Well, come to think of it, the Hollywood style ain’t the greatest either…but does make for fun fashion critiquing!

Keeley Hazell at the V Festival in Chelmsford, England

Comment: Was she cleaning stables? This look is just totally perplexing. The dress is little girl and the bottom is leather bad girl from 1982. I swear I had those boots. Then. What is with this trend of wearing leather boots with dresses and shorts? Please stop.


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She’s thinking: It’s been real, but I have to go milk the cows now.

Juliette Lewis and Kelly Osbourne at the V Festival in Chelmsford, England

Comment: Ah, there she is…our favorite fashion victim, Juliette Lewis. I continue to love her commitment to bad fashion and the fact that she doesn’t give a royal fig. I seriously thought hell would freeze over before I would ever say that Kelly Osbourne is well-dressed, but in comparison…she is the queen bee.

Juliette is thinking: I still rock! Check out my legs in these red plastic hot-pants! Read ’em and weep bitches!

Julie Ambrose at the premiere of ‘Legal Tender’ in NYC

Comment: Those sunglasses have got to be the worst things I have ever seen. First, it’s night and there is no need to wear your sunglasses at night. Second, the lenses are huge and could shade 3 more sets of eyes! Three, they extend so far up her forehead, she looks like a bug. Additionally, when when one chooses to wear a color (or non-color) like beige or taupe…wear lipstick with some color! Oh and make sure your outfit fits as to not make you look 50 lbs. heavier than you really are.

She’s thinking: Wait, where’s the sun? I just woke up. What day is it? Where am I?

Jamie Pressly wearing a dress made of ties for auction in Hollywood

Come on, look at her! Poor thing. She is miserable in this hideous monstrosity and can you blame her? The truly amazing thing is…IT WAS FOR AUCTION! I wonder who really bought this gown of bad taste?

She’s thinking:
Oh how I feel like a moron. I just had a baby and they are making me look dumpy in this joke? These aren’t even Hermes ties! Ew.

Kate Miller-Heidke in Sydney, Australia

Comment: This Australian folky pop-singer was recently quoted saying, "If there’s one thing that Kate Miller-Heidke never wants to be, it’s pop’s wacky person." Really? well then I have not idea what she was thinking with this get-up. If there is one thing that is a giant no-no, it’s a strapless dress over a ling-sleeves tee. Another is Chucks with a dress

She’s thinking: I heard there was an opening for the new Spice Girls tour. Dontcha think I look like Gerri? Back in their heyday?

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  1. I kinda like the tie dress 😛 I few changes here and there and i would wear it, but maybe I’m a little weird… which I consider one of my good qualities btw 😛


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