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Dominique Cohen, who is known for her luxury jewelry line and stores like Neiman’s and Saks, launched her limited-edition jewelry collection at Target this past weekend. The Los Angeles designer, normally produces 18-karat rose and
yellow gold necklaces in coin, lace, bamboo, Buddha and Champagne
bubble motifs. Her signature layered look is now affordable at Target by using ribbons,
beads, faux pearls, and bronze and gunmetal chains. The necklace-heavy
collection, which will end its run on Feb. 3, consists of about 25
styles priced from $14.99 to $59.99.

Cohen wants to extend her
name and reach reach beyond the women aged 30 and over who snap up her core $6,000
to $35,000 jewelry. She opened a Los Angeles store last April that will
be followed later this year by another on Madison Avenue and East 65th
Street in Manhattan. She is also introducing a handbag line which will be available for the 2007 holiday season.


Dominique Cohen Cameo Chain Necklace – Black $49.99

Dominique Cohen Jewel Pendant Earrings $24.99


Dominique Cohen Shell Drop Silk Tie Bracelet $39.99


Dominique Cohen Ball Chain Necklace $29.99

See the entire collection at Target

Source: WWD

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