Winnetka's Best Kept Secret: neapolitan collection

neapolitan colection owner Kelly Golden

One might go straight to the Gold Coast or Michigan Avenue when looking for high priced designers. Well, there's a little known secret hiding in plain sight in downtown Winnetka.

Located on the prestigious North Shore of Chicago in downtown Winnetka, neapolitan collection has been the shopping destination since 2003. Housing designers such as Lanvin, Chloe, Christian Dior, Derek Lam and many others expensive high-end pieces, the shop caters to the fashionable, intelligent and chic Chicago woman. Owner Kelly Golden was tired of searching around to find the clothing that she wanted and decided to come up with her own shop.

"I recognized there were so many options and so many different lines that I couldn't find in Chicago. I'd go to San Francisco or New York and they would have a totally different collection–different prints, different colors. I thought, 'We're only seeing such a small grouping and it's all kind of the same in Chicago,' " Golden explained. " I also noticed there was poor customer service here. I would talk to people who felt the same way when they went in to buy a dress somewhere and nobody would help them. I have no retail or fashion background but it was really nagging at me for a couple years so when the time was right, I opened up the store."

An instant hit with the public, neapolitan keeps the people in mind when buying pieces. "When I go to the showrooms, I'm not buying four black dresses," Golden said. "I'm buying this dress for this customer, this dress for that customer, this top in this color. I'm personal shopping for all my clients."

Golden also knows the trends. Big hits are, of course, bright colors. "We just hit the 60s the other day and people are excited to shed their wool sweaters and coats and go for color-blocking, higher-waisted wide leg pants," Golden said. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for denim pieces and jewelry pieces from designer Kimberly McDonald. Also, since there is only one other Christian Dior retailer in Chicago, this is a big hit seller in the store.

The covetable Christian Dior wall



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If you're in Winnekta, Illinois, be sure to check it out neapolitan, located at 715 Elm Street.

– Taneisha Jordan

Source: Daily Front Row;
Photo: Facebook

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