Why Are Celebs Like Jessica Alba, Cara Delevingne Obsessed With This Crazy Minkpink Sweatshirt?

Is that an ugly Christmas sweater or a Minkpink extravaganza? Even though some might say it’s really hard to tell the difference, the colorful Minkpink sweatshirt (fittingly called the Excessive Sweatshirt) is all the rage among celebs like Jessica Alba, Cara Delevingne, and yes even Amanda Bynes. What is it about this vibrant and colorful $105 top that has celebs snatching it up? With polka dots, floral, and a bit of gold, it looks like something out of a recent Dolce & Gabbana collection. But alas, it’s definitely the kind of trippy garment that transitions from dressy to casual but still makes a statement.

In my personal favorite way to wear the look, Jessica Alba paired it with a collared white shirt, leather miniskirt, knee-high boots, black tights, bold necklace, light pink sunglasses and a teal bag that kinda sorta brought out the colors in the shirt, but not really. Some fashion blogs argued that she looked way overdone, while others (ahem, Perez Hilton) say no one should be wearing that sweatshirt in the first place. What do you think?

How’s this for matchy-matchy? Cara Delevingne, who seemed to live in her floral and polka-dot Minkpink trousers last year, recently decided to wear them with her matching Minkpink sweatshirt. While I’m a fan of her pairing the pants with the black sneakers and a leather jacket, I’m not a fan of a look that matches from head-to-toe, especially one that is as loud as a Minkpink ensemble. Some advice: unless you’re Cara Delevingne, don’t try this at home.

Others stars who have worn the sweatshirt include Amanda Bynes and Zendaya Coleman.  Not exactly your average A-lister, but hey, if this sweater was seen on more than one celeb then you know it must have had something that commands attention.


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amandabynes zendaya There is plenty of fashion out there, so what makes this specific sweatshirt so special? Maybe it’s the oversize feel, the beautiful colors, or the combination of trends – floral and polka dot. Whatever the case, the people have spoken and the sweatshirt is completely sold out everywhere! The only one that could even compare is the black and blue Minkpink Going for Baroque sweater now on sale at Shopbop for just $50. Sounds like a good replacement to me! Or consider some of these;
  Photos: Fashionbombdaily.com, Azalea, Out + About, Hollywood Life, Coolspotters — Simona Kogan

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