What to Wear to Work: Chic Office Fashion from $25 to $60

Many of us have embraced a more flexible hybrid work schedule that includes a mix of working from home and going into the office. It goes without saying, it can be a bit of a shock to the system to plan outfits for the office and commute to work. I have been enjoying discovering ‘new’ items in my closet I forgot I owned and spending time in the office again. While assessing my wardrobe, I’ve taken note of the versatile pieces I can pick up for future in-person office days. I’ve rounded up some pieces that will hopefully help make your transition to the office a little bit easier! Here’s what to wear to work now.

Chic Pieces to Wear To Work for Less

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Loafers to Stash Under Your Desk

I like to keep an easy to slip on pair of loafers or mules under my desk, so I always have a comfy footwear option that looks polished if I’m ever in the mood for a footwear change. These black croc mules from ASOS would match an array of outfits. I like the classic penny loafer style in the front and a fun mule in the back. Just be sure your desk shoes are comfortable!

Combat Chilly Air Conditioning

I find having a cardigan, sweater or some kind of jacket is key to remedy air conditioning that’s cranked up way too high. Offices can be so cold for no reason! This simple long sweater from Old Navy is available in three neutral colors and is similar to the sweater that currently lives on the back of my chair in the office. There’s no point in being uncomfortable when you’re working!

A Crisp, Classic Button Down

During the pandemic, we all lived in loungewear. As a result, I find myself reaching for a crisp buttoned up shirt, swiping on some lipstick and enjoying my brisk walk to the office with my coffee. I am so over sweatpants! This button down from Gap is a favorite among my friends because it comes in so many different sizes and colors. You will find the perfect size for your body type.

A Comfortable Sweater Dress

For those of you mourning not wearing loungewear 24/7, a sweater dress is an effortless option that will give you that comfort you miss! It’s easy to pull on in the morning and will match well with everything from booties to heels to sneakers. This oversized knit sweater dress from ASOS would be very convenient to pull on during a busy morning while you’re running around preparing to go into the office.

Rib Knit Pants and Dress

If you’re not required to wear dress pants, a pair of upscale looking rib knit pants are a wonderful option for warm weather. Especially when worn with a coordinating top or dress, this look is equal parts relaxed power suit and ‘Oh this? I just stepped off a yacht!’ This affordable look from H&M is like a breath of fresh air, both understated and effortlessly pulled together. The rib knit dress, also from H&M, is styled with the pants, but can also be worn alone.

Versatile Blue Light Glasses

I have mentioned blue light glasses in previous articles, and I continue to be amazed at how my eye strain is gone and my tension headaches are so much better after wearing blue light glasses while I work. While typing on a Word doc or responding to the hundreds of emails I get everyday, the white background felt blinding and made me nervous it was damaging my vision. These blue light glasses from Zenni are ideal because they are available in both non-prescription or prescription. They also block UV rays and are available in sunglasses.

A Fun Laptop Case is Key

Life is too short for boring necessities like laptop cases. I have several vintage Adolphe Millot prints in my bedroom, and I noticed one of the prints is available as a beautiful laptop case. Très belle!

Tips for Office Attire

  • Stash a comfortable, versatile pair of shoes under your desk in case you want to switch up your shoes.
  • It’s always a smart idea to have a sweater or cardigan handy in case the air conditioning is out of control.
  • Embrace a crisp button down shirt… and the fact you don’t have to wear sweatpants every day!
  • Want to keep that cozy work from home feeling going? Pull on an easy to style sweater dress.
  • Rib knit pants or a rib knit dress are relaxed yet put together summertime looks to wear to the office.
  • Having tension headaches and eye pain? Snap up a pair of blue light glasses! Take it from me, they will do you wonders.
  • Laptop cases don’t have to be boring! Pick up one that makes you happy and will help put a smile on your face during stressful mornings.

Shop Wear-To-Work Looks for Less

Pictured above from left to right.

ASOS Design Wide Fit Maximal 90s Mule Loafers in Black Croc, $26

Old Navy Long Line Open Front Sweater for Women, $40

Gap Perfect Button Down Shirt, $60
ASOS I Saw It First Knit Sweater Dress in Pink, $56

H&M Rib Knit Pants, $25

H&M Rib Knit Dress, $30

Society 6 French Vintage Adolphe Millot Poster Laptop Case, $40

Zenni Van Alen Square Blue Light Glasses, $36
Society 6 French Vintage Adolphe Millot Poster Laptop Case, $40

Are you working in an office? What is your favorite wear to work piece?

–Claire Mykrantz

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