What To Pack For An Extreme Indiana Jones-Style Adventure

No matter what destination you’re headed to, packing for a vacation can be fraught with difficulty. You want to make sure you have options for all possible scenarios and moods, that you don’t forget something essential to your look, and that your personal vacation style fits into the mindset of your destination and the attitude that you have planned for the trip (this writer can’t be the only person who makes moodboards for her travel wardrobes, no?).  Yet some journeys are more complicated than others. For instance, if you’re going to be experiencing multiple climates, and plan to do some hiking on your trip, For instance, if you’re going to be experiencing multiple climates, and plan to do some hiking, that makes things that much more complicated. And advanced layering skills are definitely necessary! Here’s what to pack for adventure travel.

Foldable Jackets

Uniqlo rocks this category with their pocketable parkas that fold up to basically nothing. You’ll never regret having one of these stashed in your bag for unexpected rainshowers. Basic black always works of course, but we love this flattering coral shade.

Tech Leggings

Go above and beyond your everyday leggings with Nike DriFit or UnderArmour ColdGear. They might be a little pricier than your basic black leggings, but the investment in your comfort is worth it. Besides they will last for years to come.


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Hiking Sneakers

Sorry, but fashion sneakers aren’t going to cut here. But there are still some stylish options! These light gray Keens fit it into the “ugly sneaker” trend that’s happening right now, and these Timberlands are simple enough that you could wear them to walk all day in cities as well.

Flip Flops or Slides

Ideally you want something that will work poolside and also won’t get destroyed by sand, so skip the delicate beading and grab a pair of durable flip flops or slides. We like these Havaianas that will go with virtually everything – and they are uber comfortable.

A Super Basic Dress

A black or dark colored sheath or t-shirt dress made of a wrinkle-resistant fabric can take you basically everywhere. ExOfficio’s gear is made for travel (it’s wrinkle-resistant, insect repellent, and offers UV protection) and the Kismet dress is just about perfect. It even has deep pockets, and it still wouldn’t look totally out of place at a nicer restaurant.


You’ll probably need them to stay warm anyways (at least on the plane or train), and they can be an easy way to brighten up your travel neutrals. Plus you can pick them up along the way – so many destinations offer beautiful local textiles, so scarves make for fun souvenirs. Not traveling soon? Pick up some authentic pieces from around the world at Novica and support fair trade – we’re loving these colorful striped Thai cotton scarves.

Fun Costume Jewelry

Slightly less useful than scarves but equally delightful, a great necklace or pair of earrings can go a long way towards brightening up the basics. And they will brighten your face for the all important Instagram moments! Like the scarves, we always suggest picking up some jewels during your travels, but Novica has some wonderful options for jewelry too, like these handmade chalcedony earrings from India.


Everyone looks cooler in awesome sunglasses, especially Ray-Ban Wayfarers. Enough said.

A Broad Brimmed Hat

Skip the baseball caps (no one wants a sunburn on the back of their neck) and go for something with more coverage, like this foldable fedora available in tons of colors on Amazon.

Going on a multi-destination adventurous vacation isn’t require the most glamorous vacation wardrobe (you need a private jet for that) but these essentials will take you almost anywhere in the world in style. And don’t forget your skincare and sunscreen!

What To Pack For Adventure Travel parka leggings sneakers

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NOVICA Ocean Magic India Handmade Sterling Silver Dark Blue Chalcedony Earrings, $38.49

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– Jacqueline Zenn

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