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Left to Right: Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra & Halle Barry

As soon as I saw Halle Berry's sharply angled bob on the cover of Vogue's September issue, I knew we would be looking to Egyptian Queens for hair and make-up inspiration. Especially Elizabeth Taylor's portrayal of the late and great Pharaoh in her film titled, "Cleopatra" where  you could really see the magic of cinema take place.

This epic movie set the bar for the costuming, hair, and make-up design back then and still an inspiration today. One of the most memorable looks that Ms. Taylor wore was that sharped angular cut that just brushed her shoulders and the dramatically lined eyes. A deadly combination that probably helped her capture the heart of Ceasar and helped protect her throne and what kind of girl doesn't want that kind of alluring power right?


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Not only that, but who isn't little tired of seeing that "soft wave" look lapping around for the umpteenth time? I'm ready for something a little bit more cutting edge. Aren't you? Plus, it can't hurt that you'll look and feel like a Queen when your running out the in just five minutes while the Conair girls are still untangling their hair from the web of rollers.

-Yen Le

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