Vintage: Those 70s Platforms

The fear of towering over the boys is going to have to be cast aside this summer because once again the platform sandal has made an appearance. Yes, it has been around pretty steadily for the last several years, but now there are more varieties on the market than I can ever recall.
With the sandals of summer ranging from wedges to strappies and many sporting anywhere from a 1” to 3” platform or more, it doesn’t look like this trend is going anywhere. Also making a comeback is the “flatform” a hybrid of a platform and a flat; offering a gentle reminder that the 90s have not completely died and remains in the hearts of many fashion-lovers.
Here’s a quick history on the platform (because knowledge is power)! The biggest modern day platform shoe fad started in the late 1960s in the US and Europe and lasted through the early 80s. Only the fashion-forward teenage girls and younger women that sported the look first, but it then spread like wildfire to the masses (including men). You may remember platform shoes most from the disco era and those glam rock bands from the late 70s to early 80s, making them the ideal style for the ultimate show-boaters of the time. Although the platform never really went away, it made a quick resurgence again in the 90s in the form of the flatform which included styles like sneakers, sandals and even flip flops.
Either way you decide to go with platforms, it’s pretty much a win for you. They come on all shapes and styles, so if you’re a wedge girl you don’t have to make a compromise to sneakers and vice-verse. They make the shorter girls walk a bit taller and the taller girls walk with an extra pep in their step. They are personally one of my favorite trends and make me feel sexy and chic.
1. Tom’s Denim Stripe Wedge Sandal, $68.95
3. Steve Madden WHYNOTME Sandals, $129.95
4. Prada Single Band Flatform Sandal, now $299
5. Miu Miu Studded Platform Slide, now $319
6. Costa/Volpin 1970’s Green Suede & Wood Platform Shoes, $375
– Carmen Turner
Photo: Farrah Fawcette, 1970s Charlies Angels
Image Layout: Second City Style

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