Vintage: It Doesn’t Have To Be Frou Frou

Look who’s talking, huh? I’m the woman who wears poofy crinolines under my floral violet dresses, and I know that it’s something that can put off a lot of people especially if they want an edgier look. There are some things that always work to accomplish this. And some of them just look better when they are older and even better when they are good vintage pieces.
Leather JacketsThere’s something amazing about aged leather, isn’t there? Whether you go for a tailored blazer or a biker jacket, leather has an edge to it. Wear a vintage leather jacket with anything and you’ll show that not only you know the value of good quality leather, but that you go for classic but still edgy items. Stick with black or tan to make sure you don’t scream a decade.
NecklacesPile them on and you’ve got the start of something good. Put lots on in different lengths to add an extra dimension to a simple outfit. Vintage necklaces are great because you can get unique pieces and not have to spend a huge amount of money.
Band T-shirts – Some can be very expensive (think rare or extremely popular bands), but they definitely look better the more worn and faded they are. For a easy fix get a small man’s size and cut off the sleeves. That way you can get both raw edges and the faded print.
Set of Five Thin Liquid Silver Chokers, 1980s $20
Vintage Michael Jackson Thriller T-shirt $30
—Angel Cutsforth

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