Updated & Refashioned

Updated & Refashioned

Updated & Refashioned

Sun, 2008-09-07 08:00

Bonnie J Brown

Da-na-na-na. Da-na-na-na. Chk-chk. No, I am not writing in tongues here, I’m attempting, very unsuccessfully at that, to hum to you the oh-so-memorable theme music of Beverly Hills 90210. It’s been in my head for a least a week, not because I want it to be there, but because I was sucker enough to watch the 90210 remake that aired last week. While I wish I could get back the two hours I spent watching the show, I can’t help thinking back to the 1990’s when I lived week to week on what was happening in the Kelly, Brenda, Dylan dramdey that was 90210. I was dying to be just like Kelly Taylor in her blonde glory and popularity. I wanted to emulate everything about her right down to the rich California clothes she wore. Not an easy feat for a brown-haired, pre-teen from the mid-west, but try I did. I insisted on wearing boy cut jeans belted high on my waist, peasant type tops, big black boots, and finished off by adding floral accents to every outfit whether it needed them or not.


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I thought it was the clean grunge look, a look that was created by a designer who was just as popular in the 1990’s as he is today…Marc Jacobs. Who would have thought that the same show that epitomized the 1990’s would come back not ten years later and the same fate would come of the designer who created THE look of the same decade would still be rocking the fashion industry with new trends and fashions?

Like the show that spanned the 90’s, Marc Jacobs’ clothing has a quality that makes an impact on fashions that are longed to be adopted by the young and stylish. Unlike the fashions he designs for Louis Vuitton, his Marc by Marc Jacobs line is fresh and different, much like the Grunge Collection he designed in 1992 for Perry Ellis. While grunge could have easily come from a number of origins, including the music scene or urban Seattle, it was Marc Jacobs who adapted the look into one that offered massive appeal. His baggy fitting trousers and long and loose tops created a laid back appearance that many of the 1990’s youth were looking to impersonate.

While there are many 80’s fashions that are still being featured for fall 2008, it won’t be long before key fashion pieces from the 90’s are recreated and updated just like Beverly Hills 90210 show. Let’s just hope that the fashions are slightly better then the show. But if they’re anything like the Marc by Marc Jacobs fall 2008 collection, we’ll be seeing a great cross-over. He’s already reintroducing over-sized cardigans in horizontal stripes and plaid dresses, a sure indication that styles are moving away from the 80’s and forward into the 1990’s.

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