Twerk It Out! The Vixen Workout Is Now In Chicago

The Vixen Workout with Janet Jones The wildly popular cardio-hip hop dance fitness class called The Vixen Workout has taken over Florida and New York and now you can take weekly classes in Chicago. Janet Jones, the creator of The Vixen Workout is the leader of the #vixenarmy – the term for the 22,000 women that have taken classes over the past year. I tried her hip-hop cardio class at Kareem Fitness this past Tuesday evening and met the friendly, humorous and inspiring Janet Jones. Her idea was to create a safe place for women to come together and dance without inhibitions. The Vixen Workout is for ladies only! For just one hour, women can escape the roles of their everyday lives – mother, wife, professional – while burning serious calories (between 500-1000!) and move like Jager or Beyoncé. The workout is offering self confidence and a new outlook on life, as well as amazing body transformations for many women. No wonder, because it’s an incredible amount of fun! Janet broke down the moves for the first 10 minutes of class making it easy to follow along. She showed us “how to pick up your keys” twerk style. “If you don’t have a man right now, you’ll get on with this move, ladies!” Her humor paved the way. I found myself learning new moves and not caring if I didn’t get them right! The 60-minute sweat session consisted of dance moves created by Janet Jones set to club-level loud hits from Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Rick Ross, Jay Z and more. The time flew by and by the end of class we were all laughing, sweating and “feeling like Beyoncé.” Pop it and lock it!  

Janet Jones The Vixen Workout and Carol Calacci Now I’m in the #vixenarmy! You can join, too!

Visit for more information and the class schedule! –Carol Calacci  

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