Baume & Mercier's New Timepiece Collection

baume & mercier PromesseThis month Baume & Mercier is introducing a new collection of watches titled Promesse, its first women’s timepiece line in almost a decade. Promesse has been in the works for more than five years and the design centers on a round face. Chief executive officer Alain Zimmermann explained at a press event last night which our own EIC Lauren Dimet Waters attended, “The problem is that it’s the most common design you’ll find in the industry. So the question is, how do we add a round watch that’s a true Baume & Mercier? Redesigning the round watch was the most difficult exercise we had to do.” The result is a jewelry style timepiece inspired by a Seventies model found within the brand’s museum collection. Offered in 30 mm. and 34 mm., the watch has an oval mother-of-pearl bezel setting. It is also available in several variations such as steel and two-tone 18-karat red gold. Beginning in September the watches will be available at select retailers starting at $1,900.
–Rachel Bogo
Source: WWD

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  1. I think the few models i have seen so far show a great deal of creativity. B&M has given a new look to the basic round watch. Beautiful!


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