Trouble For Victoria's Secret. Bra Ripped Off from Single Mom?


The Very Sexy 100-Way Strapless Convertible Bra

According to this story in The New York Post, Victoria’s Secret may be running into some legal trouble with its Very Sexy 100-Way Strapless Convertible Bra. It appears that after seeing Katerina Pew’s design, but declining to buy it, the large lingerie company may have used the design anyway to create their new, innovative bra. Pew claims she thought of the idea when she was struggling to find the appropriate bra for one of her own dresses in 1999, and finished constructing the bra prototype in 2000 (thankfully she thought to patent it). Victoria’s Secret, after allegedly seeing Pew’s patent and portfolio, released the Very Sexy bra in 2007. The bra’s design features tons of eyelets to hook the straps into, making it possible to wear it in a wide variety of ways. (Sounds useful!)

The worst part for the wronged woman? She had to go purchase the bra from VS to compare it to her own in preparation for her suit. Shelling out $56 for something you yourself designed? Ouch.

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