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Makeup artist and product development expert DARAC created Darac Beauty to address the beauty needs of women that other cosmetics companies ignore…natural (or at least faking it) glamor.

DARAC was the Director of Artistic Development for Estée Lauder’s Prescriptives brand for eleven years. DARAC’s custom created beauty collections and makeup artistry have been featured in pretty much every major fashion and style publication, including WWD, Allure, Vogue, In Style, Town & Country, and The New York Times and has graced many of the faces seen on Broadway stages and Red Carpets.


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I had an opportunity to try some of the new DARAC cosmetics and I’m hooked! Darac Beauty will launch this Saturday on QVC and this Sunday at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC. Here is a bit about the products I tried and love!



This trio of coordinating cream gel makeup is designed to enhance your best features and play down those that are not your favorite. It’s like "Moonlighting" makeup for us all! Perfect for anyone who wants to visibly enhance their eyes, cheekbones, and jaw line, while down-playing any feature they find less than perfect. Adding just the right amount of light versus dark in the right areas of your face with Feature Focus can make your skin brighter, eyes look bigger, cheekbones and jaw line more defined, neck slimmer, nose sleeker and imperfections less obvious.

It’s a translucent gel hybrid that layers effortlessly, applies smoothly and allows the skin to ‘breathe.’ It comes with a Darac Beauty Cheat Sheet, a portable acetate facial silhouette that temporarily adheres to any mirror to help you achieve a perfect application…which I found totally helpful.

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DARAC BEAUTY SIFTED BLUR™ Complexion Perfector  $34.50
DARAC BEAUTY TOURQUAM™ 3-D Face Sculpting Brush $75

Sifted Blur is airy, anti-aging, non-drying, face-luminizing approach to powder. Non-makeup and makeup wearers alike will love this product. It’s for anyone who wants a flawless, more even-toned and glowing complexion.

Micro-spheric optic ‘pearls’ disperse light like a diamond to create a 3D halo effect that gives skin a radiant glow and softens the appearance of imperfections. This miracle powder evens out skin tone, diminishes the appearance of imperfections such as lines, wrinkles, blemishes, and discolorations virtually disappear. You will immediately look more youthful and luminous.

About the 3-D Face Sculpting Brush

It’s aunique and innovative makeup applicator designed to give you the most seamless, flawless, air-brushed, complexion-perfecting application of powder makeup, especially when used with Darac Beauty Sifted Blur ™.

The TourQuam™ is the only brush created to emulate a makeup artist’s application, quickly and efficiently propelling powder across the face. It was designed to deposit Sifted Blur™, conventional powders or mineral makeup onto a multi-dimensional surface (like your face). TourQuam™ is the first 3-D brush with an imbedded energy source designed to propel powder makeup across the face in the most seamless way.  Soft, smooth fibers allow the powder to glide off of them ever so gently and onto your skin.

Visit: to order or for more information.

Also available at QVC (this Saturday) and Bergdorf Goodman (this Sunday) from 2-5 for makeup application tips, to talk about the products or just meet and greet.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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