Hairstyles. Gwyneth Paltrow Takes SCS's Advice (Sort Of)!

As we mentioned a few weeks ago here on SCS, we really thought Gwyneth Paltrow‘s long blond locks were looking a little drab and needed a modern update. Little did we know that, in anticipation of her Iron Man media storm, she had already caved! Though she’s been shorn for a while now, she debuted her new look to the world on the Late Show with David Letterman last week.


We are loving the long, messy bob. It’s true to her iconic style but trendy for spring, too. The mom of two was also looking particularly glamorous at the Iron Man premiere…


We definitely will continue to take notes from Gwyneth, on how to stage a glamor come-back!

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1 thought on “Hairstyles. Gwyneth Paltrow Takes SCS's Advice (Sort Of)!”

  1. She looks great! If your hair still hits your shoulders – it is still long hair!
    I look forward to seeing what other good advice she follows!


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