Sex & The City. The Costume Designers Get 'Carried Away'.


If you missed Oprah’s Sex & The City special last Thursday, then you also missed this astonishing fact: Sarah Jessica Parker will make 81 outfit changes throughout the course of the movie. 81 outfits! If the movie is 90 minutes long, then that’s almost an outfit a minute. And we’re assuming her wedding gown gets more than a one minute segment. So, how are 81 different outfits even plausible in the storyline? We’re betting there is at least one "Carrie has great clothes, here are some examples" montage.

But don’t worry about the other girls! There are over 200 more outfits for Cynthia Nixon, Kim Cattrall, and Kristen Davis, too. We can’t wait!


See more about Oprah’s take on the new movie here.

Photos: New Line Cinema

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