Today's Fashion Headlines: Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tilda Swinton For Chanel Campaign
Karl Lagerfeld cast Oscar-winning actress, Tilda Swinton, in the Chanel campaign for the Paris-Edinburgh collection. This range of pre-fall ready-to-wear collection “paraded last December at Linlithgow Palace.” These new ads are set to debut in June magazines.
This is not the first time that Lagerfeld and Swinton have crossed paths. Around the time that she portrayed an androgynous nobleman in the 1992 film “Orlando,” Karl Lagerfeld first photographed the actress. Now, they’ve reunited for this Chanel campaign. The shoot, which took place earlier this month, was located at the Château d’Ecouen. This castle from the Renaissance period is located near Chantilly, France.
Swinton is “a modern woman, a timeless icon of elegance,” Lagerfeld said.
Fashion’s Night Out Goes Lights Out
For the past four years, September has been marked by Fashion’s Night Out, a celebration of shopping and all things fashion. However, this September is about to be a little different for fashionistas across the United States. Vogue, New York & Co. and the CFDA have decided to put FNO on hiatus in 2013. It will still be held internationally.
Fashion’s Night Out was originally launched in 2009 during the peak of the recession. It was a way to help stimulate the city’s economy at a time when not many people were out shopping. The event was embraced positively by its consumers and was therefore held again in 2010, 2011 and 2012. By 2012, FNO had grown to over 500 cities in the United States and 30 cities across the globe.
“Fashion’s Night Out brought great energy, optimism and enthusiasm to the city’s retailers, who make up a thriving part of our economy. We can always count on fashion industry leaders to use their creativity and savvy to benefit New York City — whether they are helping us recover from a national recession, a natural disaster or whatever the next challenge may be,” said Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg.
Yet, over the past four years as the event has grown, retailers and designers have had to invest more of their resources to compete with the level of quality that has become expected. This, along with the backlash by designers who were trying to stage shows during that time caused the sponsors to make their decision. It would be more beneficial for these retailers and designers to focus on their budgets, companies and projects that are “in line with their specific objectives, rather than a big event one night in September.”
Although FNO won’t be happening in the United States in 2013, it will be making its debut in Thailand as well as the Ukraine this year.
Cynthia Rowley Goes West
Well, to the West Village that is. It’s been only weeks since Rowley opened a store on East 78th Street, and she has already found another location in New York, 396 Bleecker St. to be exact. The ever expanding designer is set to reveal an art-infused boutique with her CuRious candy concept.
Marc by Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren’s RRL, Monocle and Lulu Guiness can now welcome Rowley to the neighborhood.
“Uptown, the designer has taken over a four-story townhouse and courtyard that used to house The Wedding Library. There, her boutique is on the main level, CuRious can be found on the second story and, the limited-edition online art business affiliated with Rowley’s company, is housed on the third and fourth levels.”
– Jamie Wilson
Source & Image: WWD

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