Time for an Upgrade? Go Big or Go Home with Harry Winston

Here is the expression I would have on my face if my husband ever gave me this gorgeous diamond!
I love my engagement ring. I really do. Yet, I swear it has shrunk since I received it over five years ago. It’s true what they say, the older you get, the smaller in scale things seem (except for soccer fields which I sadly realized while trying to play in an alumni game at my old high school a few years ago…I digress).
The 'Carat' Chart
When my father proposed to my mother almost 50 years ago, he presented her with a 2 carat marquise diamond which was the trendy shape of the day. Mind you, he didn’t know the diamond was terribly flawed. My Mom admits to never really liking it. So I grew up with neither parent wearing a wedding ring which I thought was the norm. Well apparently my mother thought it was time for a diamond more to her liking at some point. So after 25 years of marriage (and what she claims was her due for raising my brother) she upgraded to a much bigger and much better diamond. Needless to say, my mother is now an avid engagement ring wearer.
A true smile of bliss on my face while checking out diamonds at Harry Winston.
So, when I was invited for an intimate lunch to preview the new exclusive video and create my dream engagement ring at Harry Winston last week, I knew I had the “upgrade” or second marriage diamond in mind. I was going to find the largest and most brilliant diamond I could find and try to call it my own. Or at least dream about it for years to come. Nothing smaller than 5 carats thank you. I entered the store and was greeted by some of the nicest, non-threatening staff I could have hoped to meet. While I waited for my diamond tutorial and engagement ring designing session to begin, I perused the display in the center of the showroom. My eyes instantly fell upon and fell in love with a very large square emerald cut diamond with baguettes set in platinum. Yes, there was a massive (60 plus carat yellow diamond, a deco diamond and sapphire ring that was truly breathtaking and an emerald cut sapphire with micro pave that made Princess Di’s (and now Kate’s) ring look miniscule. Yet, I could not get the original (as it turned out) 9.5 carat diamond ring I spotted out of my mind. I sat down and learned about cut, clarity, size and cut. The square cut emerald diamond which I was obsessing about and for which Harry Winston was known (it was his favorite cut) continues to be an iconic cut at Harry Winston.  I tried on a 3 carat which was nice and a 5 carat cushion which was better, but I could not leave without trying on the breathtaking diamond I had fallen in love with upon my arrival. Luckily they were amenable. The ring was huge and I hate to say, felt completely comfortable on my finger…like it belonged there. I didn’t want to take it off. I was then told I could design my own dream ring. I had already had it on my finger and it needed no improvement, but I thought I should make my drawing/rendering even more special so I asked a combination of Harry Winston’s two most popular styles – the emerald cut and the micropave.  That way it would be extra special and extra large.
A beautiful cushion cut on my finger. Nice right?
The 9.5 carat stunner on my hand...better right? I think it belongs there!
I then rode Harry Winston’s private and tiny (he was a statuesque 5’4”) elevator up to his old office overlooking Fifth Avenue and where I would be having lunch. Before I dined on a goat cheese appetizer, a halibut lunch and a chocolate and pear torte for dessert, I was treated to the never seen before Harry Winston behind the scenes workshop/craftsmanship video which of course was fitting for such a prestigious brand. When lunch was over I was presented with the rendering of my dream ring which will be framed and hanging above my husband’s head as a not-so-subtle hint. When my afternoon at Harry Winston concluded, I was actually sad it was over. That was an experience I would love to do again. Soon. Next time with my husband though…and his wallet!
Dessert! Had to throw this in there because it was yummy and I didn't finish it, but I wanted to!
My dream ring in the works.
My Harry Winston ring! Isn't she beautiful?
– Lauren Dimet Waters Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, but the opinions expressed are my own.

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