The Trials and Tribulations of a Nail Biter

OPI_Just _a _little Danegerous_Nail_Color

I have bitten my nails since I was a little kid after seeing my big brother do it all the time. Now I want to be able to have nice nails that look good with polish or a French manicure…

The disgusting nail biting creams or polishes – These didn't work for me, the creams I forgot to put on in a morning and the polish I picked off and then bit anyway. I don't recommend these for those of you who have been biting for ages.

Elastic band trick – I wore an elastic band on my wrist for two weeks… I was meant to twang it when I caught myself biting or wanting to bite. The idea is that it's meant to train your brain that biting nails = pain… sort of like Pavlov's dogs. The whole concept didn't work too well for me. I just ignored it or hurt myself by doing it too often.

Painting my nails anyway, so they look semi nice to give some motivation – This actually works for me, I paint them with a nail hardener as a base coat, let them strengthen and I don't bite, instead I pick off the nail varnish and just repaint.

I still catch myself with my hands at my lips but it's so less often and most of the time it's because I still haven't invested in a good quality nail file (I'm desperate for one) to shape my nails.

—Angel Cutsforth

Photo: OPI Just a Little Dangerous Nail Colour


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