The Thing I'm Loving Today: The Everlane Petra Crossbody Bag

1 In case you have never hear of Everlane, you should. Especially if you crave luxury items without the luxury cost. The company was founded by Michael Preysman in the fall of 2011 because he saw a lack of innovation in the luxury retail space. He was frustrated by traditional retail markups and thought there had to be a better way to get luxury goods to consumers for less. So at the ripe old age of 25, Preysman quit his venture capital job to start Everlane. Their men’s and women’s cashmere sweaters, t-shirts, shoes, bags and scarves are only sold online which eliminates brick-and-mortar expenses. The company is very transparent about their actual costs and their marginal markup (hey, they have to make some money). In fact, most of the factories they use to produce their wares are the very same ones that make your favorite luxury goods already. Everlane builds strong personal relationships with factory owners and makes sure they are compliant and have integrity (no sweatshops). Therefore a beautiful cashmere crewneck sweater from Everlane is $128 whereas the exact same sweater with a luxury label you’d recognize would sell for say $245. And the truth is, there is cache in an Everlane label anyway. It’s says “I’m no sucker and there ain’t no shame in my game.” Everlane Petra Crossbody Everlane Petra Crossbody Brown and Navy
Everlane Petra Crossbody Inside
There is a spacious back compartment, so it holds so much more than you’d think.
I digress (as usual). My new favorite bag is the new Everlane Petra Crossbody Bag. It’s simple, minimalist, chic and more importantly it holds a lot more than most of my other bags thanks to some brilliantly hidden pockets. Produced in Italy, the Petra crossbody is 100% full grain Italian leather and has a sueded front flap with magnetic closures, a spacious back compartment, and polished silver feet. Other similar luxury bags made in the same factory outside Venice, Italy retail for around $1300. The Petra is $365. The first night I took mine for a test drive was to an event at Saks Fifth Avenue. I arrived a little early (on purpose perhaps?) so I had some time to peruse the handbags which is a favorite pastime of mine. While checking out Chloe bags the sales associate commented on my bag and asked who made it. When I told her it was Everlane and made of Italian leather and the price…she asked to inspect it further. So I showed her all the nuts and bolts of the bag and she was literally blown away. Needless to say, you won’t find the bag at Saks. Ever. But you can find it online here: The Petra Crossbody, $365.
My Pietra bag got it's own seat on the train.
My Petra bag got it’s own seat on the train.
  – Lauren Dimet Waters Sample provided for review, but opinions are my own.  

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