The Thing I'm Loving Today: Ramy Brook Fur & Leather Vest

Ramy Brook Fur & Leather Vest The temperatures have dropped significantly in Chicago and I can’t stop wearing my black Mongolian lamb furry vest. I’m glad I bought it several years ago, and I can see why the trend is not going away anytime soon. I can style it in so many different ways. I wear it under leather coats and jackets, over wool coats, over sweaters and over shirts. I love how it peeks out from under a coat and looks like a fur scarf, and it can look like fringe under the hem of a shorter jacket. My fur vest keeps me warm and still allows me to use my arms. (It’s usually freezing cold in the office!) Needless to say everyone is going to get sick of me in my black fur vest (if they are not already) so I need a fur vest in another color. Then I saw this Ramy Brook Fur & Leather Vest in a gorgeous warm grey called granite with an additional black leather panel which gives it an extra cool look. I think this vest can be fun to style, perhaps the leather can show under the hem of shorter jackets. But when I found out the leather panel zips off – then I decided I really love this vest!  It’s like having two vests in one.

Ramy Brook Fur & Leather Vest unzipped

Ramy Brook Fur & Leather Vest, $895

Shop for more fur vests (faux and real) here! If you’re like me, you’ll need more than one color.
– Carol Calacci


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